Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

Thursday Thirteen

-----Photos (with explanations) of the inside of a Facebook server farm. This makes me feel much more understanding when Facebook has problems or goes down.
-----Life inside Facebook headquarters. I particularly like slide number 8. It would be really nice if other companies would let employees express themselves like this (in at least private workspaces).

2. Things that might help to fight radiation poisioning.  I am reading through the link provided for more detailed info on foods,vitamins,etc.


Mommy's Idea


5. I am interested in making this coleslaw which uses a barbecue mop recipe for dressing. I am not sure about putting it with a pork burger as I don't like most pork.

-----Autumn Fruit Salad. I don't often pay attention to the seasonal labels on recipes-I make them whenever I want. When I make this, I will consider the advice in the comments about draining the dressing.
-----Apple Stick Salad. I am really not sure if I would like this....but worth trying sometime. We have all the ingredients but I don't think our apples are tart enough. Maybe I will try it next month. I usually don't venture into recipes that I have more than a little bit of a feeling we won't like...I don't like ending up wasting food.

7. The benefits of red fruits and vegetables

8. Bathtub bubble volcanoes

9. Should a 7 and 9-year-old who raped be punished? Frankly, given the age of their victim, I would think it would appear to them that they were hurting the child (even if they possibly didn't understand anything else). appalling thing. I feel bad for the sibling who saw this.

10. Woman gets plastic surgery to look like a drag queen.


Just opened in Los Angeles.


This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

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