Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unconscious Mutterings

A weekly word association meme. The idea is that eventually you might learn something about yourself.

Agency ::
Government agency. Agencies are supposed to help people. Agent Smith. We watched the actor who played Agent Smith in "The Wolf Man" the other day.

Ministrations ::
Ministrations are to help...again something an agency is supposed to do. Administrations.

Charlie ::
Call sign for an airplane. Charlie Brown. Charles Schultz. Two-buck Chuck. Charles Schwab Investments. Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Brown....he's a clown...that Charlie Brown. Charles Atlas. Charles Manson. Referring to the Viet Cong as Victor Charlie. Charlie Sheen is having problems again. Chuck....the sitcom and what Charlie Brown was called by Peppermint Pattie.

Bricks ::
Collecting bricks in the Zynga games on Facebook. The Three Little Pigs. A brick wall. Houses of brick are of more value as they are sturdier. Brick chimney. Crumbling brick. Hard as a brick....a stuffing or fruitcake that is overcooked. Bricking someone in-Edgar Allen Poe. Lego. Another Brick in the Wall. I was not impressed by the School of Rock performance of Another Brick in the Wall. Laying bricks. Like talking to a brick wall. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. The Yellow Brick Road...remake of the Wizard of Oz-The Whiz....the newest remake idea which means Willow Smith as Annie. Throwing a brick through a window when disagreeing with someone (usually political or religous). Paver bricks. Decorative bricks in a garden. When people are re-doing their landscaping and put the old bricks up on Craig's List.

Contingencies ::
All sorts of contingencies. A contingency plan. Planning for all contingencies. When something is contingent on something else. A contingency one did not plan for.

Dad ::
Father's Day. An important role model. My Three Sons. Make Room for Daddy...The Danny Thomas Show. My niece wanted my brother to play "Don't Wake Daddy" with her yesterday. Deadbeat dads. Mom and Dad. Growing up without a father...not just fathers who have abandoned their children, but the loneliness when a father passes away. "Da-Da" is often the first word a child says.Eddie's Father. The Parent Trap. The Sound of Music. My friend is part of a dad's group. We are keeping another friend's Dad in our prayers-he fell and has some sort of brain hemorrhaging. The Cosby Show.

Zoned ::
Re-zoning a house. Corner lots are usually easier to get re-zoned as partially a business. Zoning out. In the zone. It can be very easy or very difficult to get the zoning board to approve things...and sometimes a very political process.

Direct ::
Candid. To tell what to do or where to go. Not side-stepping. To direct an orchestra or band...I used to have a basic idea of how to do this (but have forgotten almost all of what I knew). Choir director. Hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. Let me be direct. Directing a play or other acting production. Dino de Laurentiis passed away recently. "The Empire Strikes Back" director Irvin Kershner also passed away recently. 

Team ::
The A-Team...the new movie was actually funny. Team sports. Many people have a team to cheer for. Getting picked last for a team. Team captain. Team player.

Cave ::
Captain Cave Man. The Bat Cave. Cave-in. How dangerous caves can be. The beautiful crystal formations in underground caves. Bat guano. Some people buy special clothing to go caving. Claustrophobia. People lived in caves. Bears. Getting stuck or injured while going through a cave. Unstable or flooded. When someone gets in an accident and their skull, rib cage, etc. becomes caved in. Clan of the Cave Bear. Underground caverns.


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