Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....

-----Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake
-----Holiday Mincemeat-mallow Cheesecake


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3. Could your kitchen pass a health inspection?
---Our refrigerator has the temperature gauge that is just numbers that are different levels of coldness. I suppose it would be a good idea to get an appliance thermometer with temperatures. The article says they are inexpensive but I have never seen them about town....I will have to do some looking. I am sure our fridge gets VERY has a tendency to do annoying things like freezing the milk and veggies.
---Some people just refuse to believe the advice about proper thawing. I got sick after someone assured me that pork was thawed properly a few summers back (I later found out that it was left on the counter to thaw and it had not been just put there as indicated ). Apparently, the people who served it must have been taught that this was the way to cook things and no amount of health education is going to change that in their minds (neither is the fact that they themselves have gotten sick or that I had to be under doctor care) . They actually don't understand why I refuse to eat at their house. If the persons I am speaking of  read this, they would STILL be able to justify how they go about thawing.       

-----Bill ccollectors are tracking the activities of debtors through social media.
-----A "spending fast"  would be a great way to pay off debt and I am sure there are many ways to make it fun.
-----A mailman made $35,000 from stolen JCPenney coupons. Investigators are still trying to determine how much was made from other coupons. What do you think of his reasoning in doing this? 

5. 5 THINGS:
-----5 Chinese dining etiquette rules. Including how to avoid sending fishermen to Davy Jones' locker.
-----"5 Things You Use Every Day That Are Getting Awesome Upgrades" 
-----5 Things You Should Say to Your Children. Things that should be said a lot.

-----Miley Cyrus voted worst role model by teenage girls..
-----Lady Gaga fragrance will smell of "blood and semen."   I hope that never makes it on shelves. I could just see someone actually replacing it with one of the real items (depending on how authentic the smell of this fragrance is).


Preview of this book on Google.

-----Super Bowl a magnet for under-age sex trade.
-----10,000 prostitutes will work Dallas during the Super Bowl. This includes those who are under-age.
-----Department of Homeland Security's "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign comes to the Super Bowl.

-----Many college students learn little. I would like to add to this that some courses are impossible to learn anything from. There are teachers that have no business teaching (and don't actually do so).
-----Pennsylvania schools experiment with types of segregation.

10. Are expired drugs effective? If, for some reason, it was determined you were to be executed, would you want it to be with drugs that were expired by at least three years?!!


 If I can ever get my Raynaud's Phenomenon so that it doesn't affect me that much....I would love to go Zorbing in the snow. From what I understand, the price at Windham is 20 dollars per person and I think that is very reasonable.

-----Investigation into the culling (by gun) of at least 100 sled dogs.
-----Mystery of 200 dead cows in Wisconsin solved. Also a few of the other massive animal deaths now have explanations.

13.So, did you get a lot of snow this week? Even after several shovelings the snow that Husband had to dig the car out of was higher than the hood. A neighbor was using a snowblower and the snow was almost to his waist (and almost over where the snow blows out). Travel was IMPOSSIBLE for a while....we saw no cars.
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Brenda ND said...

Thanks you've got a lot of interesting things to ponder. I like the snowball. Happy TT!


At some point I am going to find a location that I trust and do this (at least in the summer as I have BAD problems with the cold). Happy TT to you. :-)

Mercy said...

Those cheesecakes are to die for! Happy T13!

i beati said...

hilarious snowball etc haha

CountryDew said...

Lots of stuff in that T13! You know you can't trust government explanations for things like massive animal die-offs, right?!?

I am Harriet said...

There has been a lot of talk about those Super bowl prostitutes this year.

Have a great day!

Xakara said...

I want the tricked shower and fridge from the 5 things getting upgrades. In this weather I more want the shower!

How you did out soon. I'm in the southwest so we got hit, but nothing compared to most places.

Happy TT

13 Paragraphs Dawn's Early Light


I got to use the nicest Jacuzzi I have ever experienced recently.The water was perfectly controlled and seemed it would never run out. Tub,shower and handheld option. least 1 1/2 standard tubs. Plenty of place for soap,shampoos etc. and to have them perfectly dry and non-messy. Soft water felt so good. The only thing I did like was the stepping in and out...WAY too tall.

AngryPassionate said...

You had me at cheesecake!

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