Monday, January 24, 2011

-----Starbucks new "trenta" size could cause one to gain as much as 63 pounds in a year!?
-----Twitter's ad revenue could reach $250 million by 2012! Starbucks is one of the advertisers. One positive thing I can say is that the "sponsored" trending topics are not as intrusive or distracting as other types of advertising.

The last time I remember stopping at a Starbucks was when there was a promotion for free coffee at tax time...I wonder if they are going to do such a promotion this year. I do not drink anything with caffeine in it right now due to some thyroid issues but it would be a fun stop with Husband.


RhymeSchemesAndDaydreams said...

I disliked the sponsored TT on Twitter when they first started, but you're right, they are less obtrusive than many other forms of internet advertising. As long as they don't start forcing items into my Twitter feed, I'll stick with it. I really don't like how commercial Facebook has become and I hope Twitter doesn't get like that.

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I have enough things that I want to keep up with on Twitter....without adding the time it takes to skip over more spam. Facebook has become very commercial in places and I do not like that one has to keep constant vigil that privacy settings are still what they intend. I also do not like that Facebook will recommend I befriend people who have some tiny interest in common-apparently Facebook thinks I might know everyone who likes "Hell's Kitchen." After a while, even when you are anonymous, Facebook seems to make some pretty accurate guesses on your personal life...or the algorithm for ads experiments with seeing what you will go for in an attempt to find things out about you. I seek out the things I "like" and don't really need/want the level of target ads and matching people that Facebook is going for. I understand that "transparency" is a lauded concept in internet marketing but I think Facebook is starting to go way overboard on this.

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