Thursday, January 13, 2011

-----A senator wants to end government-funded HIV help for those who "live perverted lifestyles."


Thomas said...

I correctly guessed whether the senator had a "D" or an "R" next to his name before ever flipping over to the article.

Jesus never asked anybody how they got sick, or even if they were leading virtuous lives; He just fed them, healed them, loved them.

I think I'll follow His example rather than the esteemed senator's.


I guess I am different than many of our matter the offense, I couldn't stand by while a human life was lost (appropriate self-defense being the exception).

How does one judge if another is leading a virtuous life in this kind of issue? A person can be one of the most virtuous people in the world and still make one mistake or misjudgment. This leads us back to only the rich surviving diseases. Wondering if this senator has the same logic about smoking,drinking,drug addiction,etc.

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