Friday, January 07, 2011

Someday couponing will work for me.

I get spurts of trying very hard on couponing....but it HARD here.
-----The Walmart usually has rude cashiers that refuse to accept internet coupons (despite the fact that they are acceptable under corporate policy). (I am not saying the cashiers are rude because they will not accept the coupons...they are just not nice to customers.)
-----We have no Kroger and I really wish we did. So many people talk of there positive couponing experiences with Kroger.
-----Hy-Vee takes a long time because cashiers are nervous that they will get in trouble for internet coupons. One incident, I really felt embarassed by the amount of manager-monitoring.
-----Walgreens has so many theft problems that couponers end up being treated like criminals (on all types of coupons).
-----All the other stores either have a limited selection or are so over-priced that coupons do not help.
-----No store does double coupons...ever.
Still I keep trying to make couponing work.

Oddly enough, I have been to many stores here and I have not found any dividers that work for a coupon binder. The juggling process when one does not have an easy organization at the store gathers a little bit of attention (extreme coupon users are often considered a spectacle here...people are STILL not used to those who use the internet to search out so many deals).

Stockpiling in our pantry is one thing we have been able to do. I am never at a shortage for flour or different types of baking sugar. We often experiment with spices and condiments (some great clearances can be found for these). I have a hard time keeping up with the need for pasta, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato puree and tomato sauce.
(The lady in the video no longer maintains "The Centsible Sawyer" blog that is mentioned but does write "Wholesome Mommy.")


-----Nathan Engels answers the questions of "Simply CVS" readers.

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