Sunday, January 09, 2011

On this date.....

Looking through my posts for past January 9th's:

What I was listening to on this day in 2007-

A band called Moneypenny...put on Youtube by a man who used to be a part of it.

-----2009: I watched the latest episode of 90210. This was an episode that upset me. The character Silver was not as compassionate as she can be now. She made some sort of comment about a person with a lazy eye...I have a similar condition and it bothers me when this kind of comment occurs (often) on TV. In real life I have enough people actually say things like this to my face or "accidentally" have me overhear/observe without having to deal with the "humor" on TV. Anymore, I try to ignore this kind of behavior but it is not so easy.
-----My Mother has Stage 4 Breast Cancer and at this time in 2009, we did not know what the treatment would be. Now we are at a point where not much is being done....there is still cancer but it is not growing. It is just sort of a limbo as to what will happen and that bothers me.
-----In 2009, I was considering getting a phone with a keyboard so that I would be able to keep up with certain internet activities on the go. I didn't really feel that I could bring my laptop to the particular hospital where my Mother was at without being worried about theft. Among the things I do is use Twitter,Facebook,etc. to keep up with prayers that people are in need of....I was so glad to be able to get onto a hospital computer to request that people pray for my Mother. I now have a keyboarded phone-our service provider actually paid us to take the phone.
-----I still find it disturbing that one can not go to the hospital without possibly having theft occur. At some hospitals, the staff or visitors will actually tell you that theft is REALLY frequent. I have seen loved ones who were devastated when other relatives wanted them to leave the jewelry they have worn most of their life at home. I wish this issue was addressed.....instead of the hospitals just saying that they are not responsible.

-----In early 2010, we got the news that a good friend was engaged. Later that year, he got married. :-)

-----2010....I discovered that a house guest had used one of the softer magnets on my refrigerator as a writing board. I can not replace the Vincent Van Gogh (from an art exhibit several years ago) that now has a number 31 on its head in some lights. I would not have consider this a big deal....just an accident....but this was a part of a long line of incidents. One thing that really makes me upset is abuse of hospitality.
-----2010. I was working through a book called "Kitchen Sense" that Sister-in-Law gave me for Christmas. I am still working on this....I like to, in one way or another, do a cook-through of recipe books. Many of the recipes in this book are economical if you already some cooking staples. This book also has one of my favorite things....leftover ingredients-meaning that I only use a couple of carrots in the pack and then have extras for snacking or another recipe. Downside of the book....there are a lot of spicy recipes and things with artichokes....this does not always work at our house. 
-----Husband owns a Sam Kinison CD....I forgot about that. Perhaps we can listen today while doing some house rearranging. 
-----Early 2010: We were always going to Mother-In-Law's to borrow a coffee grinder. She bought us a little one of our own. Freshly ground coffee all the time is such a nice addition to life. Unfortunately for me, in late 2010, I found out that I have an anti-thyroid anti-body....this means that my thyroid is in the process of failing and I just get to smell the coffee that I am so interested in (as I need to avoid caffeine).
-----2010. I was lamenting about the cheap laptop cooler that shorted and lack of good places to put the laptop. Now I have a metal cooling stand and don't have to worry about shorts....but the laptop adapter needs to be replaced, never takes a charge and is always falling out. I still can't come up with a really good place to put the laptop. It seems that computers are always exchanging one problem for another.
-----My Christmas cactus still have not budded for 2010. I am SURE they are Christmas cactus....they have just gone through a lot of weird problems with their leaves. I am still hoping to grow my two cacti outdoors for part of the year-I need to start collecting rain water and to develop some sort of system to keep them from getting damaged by too much water.
-----The organization and setup of camera/darkroom supplies that I was hoping for in 2010 still has not happened yet. 

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