Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lots of starbursts.....

Uses candy:
-----Zesty Popcorn Balls. Uses melted Starbursts. A variation uses M&M's. I don't know if "zesty" would be the right description....sounds more sweet to me. I am not sure if I have ever successfully made popcorn balls (if I ever tried it, I was fairly young). Seems pretty simple. :-)
-----Frosty Fruit Pops
-----Starbursts Jellybean Bites
-----Slightly microwaved Starbursts are supposed to be good. I need to try this at some point.

Does not use candy:
-----Starburst Lemon Squares. Cream cheese is generally a big hit at our house.
-----Star Burst  (drink). I did not know that there is such a thing as strawberry schnapps. Another drink that uses strawberry schnapps is a Strawberry Starburst.
-----Starburst (drink). I had to look up what "Tuaca" is. Tuaca is a 100% natural liqueur with authentic Italian roots, flavored with vanilla and citrus."
-----Starburst (cocktail). This was in the healthy section of
-----Starburst Shooter Cocktail
-----Starburst Martini
-----Melon Starburst (drink).
-----Hawaiian Starburst (drink).
-----Tequila Starburst. The recipe uses Espolòn Reposado Tequila. I do not know how to make a kola nut tincture yet...but kola nuts are often one of the sources of caffeine in cola.
-----Banana Pudding Starburst. Yes, it is that "recipe that uses Nilla wafers. Husband cannot have soy and I should avoid, I am eventually going to have to find some sort of substitute for these-they contain soybean oil.
-----The instructions to give the clerk when you want to order a"Pink Starburst".....a "secret menu" item at Jamba Juice.  
-----Mexican Starburst Casserole. I am not sure about this one as it uses macaronis. We have not had much luck with enjoying the taste of casseroles that have noodles in them (particularly macaroni).

I am keeping these in mind for Christmas. :-)

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