Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In My Life....

-----Well...the snow finally let up and the car was able to be shoveled out. I was able to keep a medical appointment.
-----Father-in-Law brought us the boxes I wanted. We are re-arranging the living room and some of my books needed to be put away for now....I did not want to just pile them in the closet.
-----The lab order for my next thyroid test arrived in the mail today. This is something I like about my endocrinologist....I do not have to make an appointment just to have blood drawn. I can walk-in to one of several local labs and get it taken care of within the time frame needed but also when I can go.
-----I found out that Cornerstone Festival will be having a program where college/Master's degree  credit can be earned by attending the fest/seminars. This credit will then be eligible to transfer to a seminary. I hope that this program is successful.
-----Rep. Gabrielle Giffords stood with assistance today!!!

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