Monday, January 31, 2011

In My Life.....

-----Making some Spanish Rice in a little bit. :-)
-----We have a Cousin driving in to visit from Atlanta and another Cousin flying in from out East. Both have delayed their plans until mid-week. Apparently we are to have horrid amounts of snow and bad weather.
-----6 light bulbs decided to go out at the same time. I think it makes things look dismal. Of course, they were not all the same kind of light. Two of them were outdoor lights and have been replaced. One we moved from an optional lamp so we would have a light over the stove. 3 others are everyday overhead lights that will be replaced this week. I want more light.    
-----We watched "Twilight:Eclipse" today. It was pretty good except for the end....a real George Lucas Padme-and-Anakin-romantic-script moment (unlike the rest of Star Wars, that is not a good thing). I have not seen the second Twilight movie yet so I am missing part of the storyline.

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