Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In My Life....

-----It is snowing....badly. Husband was supposed to go get boxes so I can pack books away. I am not sure if Husband can run any errands today. It looks like several, if not all, cars in our neighborhood will have to be dug out.
-----Some mornings waiting the half-hour to hour that I must wait to eat after taking my thyroid medicine can be excruciating....I feel so hungry. I am lucky as some doctors advise even longer of a wait after taking the medicine. Once I can eat, I still cannot have any calcium or iron for 4 hours. The calcium part is easy but most things have some amount of iron in them. So that I am able to eat something substantial before the 4 hours is up, one of my doctors has advised me to just make sure to choose things with a very small amount of iron. Here in America we feel it is necessary to enrich things with, most fruits/vegetables naturally have it....and most things that don't have iron do have calcium. As you may have guessed, reading food labels is currently a big part of my life! Groan.
-----The good news about my thyroid is that my numbers are either at an all time low or the next lowest they have ever been! This is great news, considering that, at the end of 2010, it was discovered that I have an anti-thyroid anti-body (my thyroid is in the process of failing). I want to put off the demise of my thyroid for as long as possible. I have read in some places that my thyroid may not get to the point of not functioning, despite the anti-body, but I am not at all sure if this is true. is having a Valentine's Day Giveaway. To enter, you have to make up a version of the traditional "Roses are red, violets are blue" poem. :-) I would enter if I felt inspired to come up with a cute poem and wasn't anti-TSA-patdown-and-radiation-exposure.
-----Reading a sample chapter of George W. Bush's book "Decision Points"  this morning. This portion of the book is about the troop surge and the financial crisis.

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