Tuesday, January 04, 2011

In My Life....

-----The past two nights we have had burritos for dinner. That has been fun. This evening it was with Grandmother-in-Law's homemade salsa.
-----I read a newly discovered reason to avoid fast food and was a little appalled. I will have to consider this when I hunt for extreme deals or secret shop....must dine-in, see if I can find free salads (I have never come across that),etc. I guess the safest thing would be to eat off plates (assuming hands are washed properly).
-----I really did not enjoy the New Year's Eve Show. I feel like it has become a big commercial....this year for Nivea, various musical acts, Nicorette, phones and social networking.
-----I have started reading  Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" for one of the book clubs that I belong to. I have not really felt a connection with the main character yet.
-----I just saw the trailer for "The Green Hornet" again. This makes me wish that Bruce Lee were alive. To my understanding, The Green Hornet character was actually related by blood to The Lone Ranger.
-----I am hoping to convince Husband to make skillet cornbread again sometime soon. :-)
-----I recommend the Nature Made Wellness Rewards Program. We earned a $5 coupon that was so helpful with one of the pills I have to take. Correct that, apparently it has recently become "My Nature Made"....anyway, I recommend this. :-)
-----We decided to replace a dying, unattractive and annoying crab apple tree. Now I need to figure out when the Slippery Elm seeds should be purchased and when growing should be started.
-----My goal list for 2011 (so far). :-)

A friend sent me this Lego Christmas Story. The music is nice and loud and the dialog made me smile.


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This is Day 4 of the Blog Dare. I will be blogging every day this year. :-)


Thomas said...

I tried to read Ernest Hemingway, but failed. His books just bore me to tears.

I guess I'm not sophisticated enough.


I am not totally bored so far...I just don't care like I would like to about the hero. What authors do you enjoy? :-)


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