Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Furnish-John's

Elton John and his husband have adopted a little boy.

"My Fears on Elton's New Son"

Apparently, there may be plans to adopt a second child in the next few years.
---I did not know that a man can be listed as the Mother of a child.

-----Discussion of Elton John's age.

The BBC faces homophobia claims over Elton John baby coverage.
The BBC defended its coverage. "The practice of surrogacy is a sensitive subject and remains controversial in some quarters. Our short news bulletin featured Elton John talking about wanting to have a child, and an opposing viewpoint. All sides of the debate on surrogacy have been widely reported in the news media, and our coverage has reflected this."

Another thing that is news to me...I did not know that Neil Patrick Harris had twins.

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