Monday, January 31, 2011

In Egypt.....

-----A Google exec who went to join the protests in Egypt is missing. The scary thing about this is that the people he was with felt the government was going to commit a war crime on Saturday and they were "all ready to die."
-----Citizens from countries around the world are being evacuated from Egypt. I wish there were a way this evacuation could be quicker and that Egyptian citizens could be helped to leave, too.
-----"Restore + Save the Egyptian Museum!" Facebook group. I can't believe that someone would tear the heads off of two mummies.  I don't know why anyone would desecrate the dead like that. Maybe it was to make some political point or out of anger that whatever they were searching for to loot wasn't there? Kudos to the members of the public who are trying to protect the museums....I hope they stay safe while doing so.

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