Sunday, January 02, 2011

The 2011 To-Do List.....

I know what my goals are for the next 1001 days, now this is my start on figuring out specifically what I need and want to get done in 2011. 
1. Major mending to one of the slip covers.
2. Figure out if the porch swing can be mended....if not fixable, make a plan for replacing it.
3. Make a list of the animal shelters in Colorado that I would like to help (to accompany a planned ziplining trip). Figure out a tentative  agenda for the ziplining trip. See if I can convince Husband to join me in getting in shape for this trip.
4. Read all of "An Incomplete Education" by Judy Jones and William Wilson. Watch all the movies mentioned in this book.
5. Do more research on historical hairstyles and clothing. Go through my patterns and pick out our first project of this sort. Husband will be helping me with the use of my sewing machine (due to the clumsiness caused by my vision problems).
6. Take Doggie to obedience school. I know where I would like her to is just a matter of finances and scheduling.


7. Build a playground area for Doggie.
8. Make plans for a playground area for all of the children in our family. Safety proof around sculptures, fountain, clotheslines,etc.
9. Start making plans/space for a couple of events that I anticipate hosting in our yard in a couple of years. This, of course, includes a vow renewal. :-)
10. Make a schedule of the memes I participate in. I tend to forget some.
11. Make use of the organizer that In-Laws gave me for Christmas. It is a more convenient size than the large organizer that looks like a briefcase which I have been using for the past 4 years or so.
12. Learn about the anti-thyroid anti-body that I was diagnosed with a few months ago. This can be dangerous and means that my thyroid is in the process of failing. I do not know how long I can keep my thyroid from failing.
13. Try to keep up with the Vigil I keep at the top of this blog. I would like this to be a daily activity.
14. Compile a list of the breakfast recipes I come up with.
15. Celebrate the end of each week.
16. Visit JPUSA. Do what I can to help with their ministries. I have a few ideas for how I can help after we become more active in our urban farming efforts.
17. Start using MySpace again.
18. Learn at least one new word each week. This week my new word is "abacinate" (which means to blind by having a red-hot metal plate held before one's eyes). Samson was abacinated in the Bible.
19. Explore one new radio station a week. There are some interesting radio stations out there....many dedicated to playing specific artists or themes.
20. At least once a month update any program on my computer that is update-able. A computer can be a hard thing to keep up to date. I like to keep my computer operating as efficiently as possible and I also like to try out beta programs as soon as they become available. Right now I am giving feedback on Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 (this seems to be moving along slower than Beta 7 did).
21. Use my "Dance,Dance Revolution" for exercise at least twice a month. I have excused myself from this goal if I am having health concerns.
22. Daily and varied workout. When I started typing this list, I was working on my problematic ankles.
23. Take at least one nature photo and one self-portrait each season.
24. Undergo "vision therapy." Find a doctor who knows more about the botox treatment that I have been looking into....relaxes the eye muscles involved in exotropia.
25. Start  figuring out what kind of swimming pool I want to get for us.
26. Buy a kiddie pool for Doggie. Cesar says that use of such may distract Doggie from her extreme fear of having toenails cut.
27. Play more games. Some day I will actually be good at video games. :-)
28. Be ready for Cornerstone 2011. 
29. Explore alternative ideas for a potrack. I wanted the hanging type but our ceiling does not seem to be up to it.
30. Wash and detail our car at least once every two months.
31. Continue to add to my home barista setup. I need to either get a barrel roaster or an old popcorn popper for roasting my own beans. I have two espresso shot glasses and I would like to have four more.
32. This week, we may have found a store that can supply the repairs and missing items that I need for my guitars. I am hoping that one is not a hopeless cause....we will see.
33. Learn how to read music again.
34. Relearn sign language...including some of the symbols. Before, I just knew how to do the time-consuming task of spelling.
35. Continue to plan for the trip that I would like us to take to Niagara Falls.
36. Write to Walnut Grove (home of Laura Ingalls Wilder) and ask why they don't seem to have any sleighing events.
37. Learn to identify more of the birds in our garden. In particular, I want to learn what some of the little birds that land on the bird fountain are.
38. Finish reading "The Joy of Cooking." Continue to work on the cook-through project that we are doing with this book.
39. Continue to work on adding things to our yard that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. This year we are adding red milkweed...the preferred food source of Monarch caterpillars.
40. Go horseback riding. I want to learn how to do tack and such (but would like to take it at a slow pace). Someday I plan to board a horse.
41. Read all of the Canterbury Tales (again). Do a piece of artwork for each.
42. Learn more about making fractal pictures. Below is one of my attempts. I call it "In the Doctor's Dream"....ask me, if you don't get the reference. :-)

42. Decide what telescope I would like to purchase. I wanted to make fractal pictures with photos taken from a telescope but I was informed that most home telescopes do not allow a person to see much of anything.
43. Win NaNoWriMo.
44. Finish an extensive outline for the book that I am writing about William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame). Also write out a travel agenda for the trip I want to take based on his explorations.
45. Be more ready to open my coffee shop.
46. Research about Alaskan Klee Kai (a miniature Alaskan Husky). We plan to buy one at some point.
47. Decide on the first good costume wig that I want to buy.
48. Make a travel agenda for a planned trip to Wounded Knee.
49. Attend an authentic pow-wow.
50. Buy a working stereo.
51. Work through the activities that I want to complete in "You Can Do It!" This is an adult badge book written by a lady who died on Flight 93 on September 11th.
52. Read the Dune series.
53. Watch every video on FoodTube.
54. Finish setting up my sewing area. I think the basic setup should be done in the next month or so.
55. Make a list of all the books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder...I intend to collect them all and I am planning a trip based on her life.
56. Make a list of covered wagon trips that do not include overnight stays. I do not like tent-camping.
57. Write a travel agenda for a planned Oregon Trail trip. Husband does not want this to take long...but I do. Of course, this trip will not include starving and dysentery.
58. Do what I can to alleviate some of my student loan debt.
59. Schedule at least one class towards my next degree.
60. Make a list of nail polishes that do not include toxic chemicals. I am trying to use healthier cosmetic products.
61. Read "The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake."
62. Read at least 4 of Shakespeare's plays.
63. Make some progress on learning to draw and paint unicorns. Eventually, I would also like to make a stained glass wall hanging featuring a unicorn. I wonder if there is such a thing as a unicorn-shaped soap mold.
64. Read the entire New Living Translation Bible.
65. Make a list of all the alternative history stories that Harry Turtledove has written....I own a few and intentionally intend to read all of his writing. Write outlines for my own alternative history stories.
66. Work through "The Calligrapher's Companion." Start work on 3 alphabet books that are planned gifts.

67. Visit the farm that is the headquarters of Seed Savers Exchange.  Learn as much as I can about seed saving while there. My 2011 catalog arrived a few days ago and it is already a little battered-looking from my reading. Currently, I am looking at the American Prairie Seeds.
68. Find at least two plays to attend this year. Hopefully, there will be a Free Night of Theater for 2011.
69. Make more of an attempt at learning to paint/draw portraits. I am good at drawing...just not this. I think it has something to do with the fact that I, for the most part, see in only two dimensions.
70. Blog my re-reading of all the "Tightwad Gazette" books.
71. Compile a list of plans for building a flower press.
72. Handmade Christmas cards this year. Work on Christmas all year...something I always say I am going to do but never end up doing.
73. Learn more about making tea. A few homemade teas make me nervous as I have read that too much of some ingredients can be bad one's health.
74. Start over on reading Stephen King's "On Writing."
75. Try alligator meat. I have found a potential restaurant for this.
76. Start a new tropical fish set-up. I want to have a lot of ghost shrimp in the tank-I love the way they look. I have two names picked out for the bigger fish...."Esta-Fishie" and "Xanth." I will not buy fish at the Walmart where Mr. Fish Stomper  was last spotted.
77. Acquire/make a bookmark for every book I own.
78. Continue my singing practice when no one is home. I want to feel comfortable enough to sing karaoke.
79. More genealogy research.
80. Put in a pond. Koi will probably go in next year.
81. Grow my Christmas cacti outdoor for part of the summer.
82. Add more variety to the herbs we grow this year. We are likely adding Grandma Einck's Dill.
83. Drag Husband to go golfing with me at least once....yes, "drag" is the accurate word.
84. Start marathon training. I have leg and lung, I think this will take a few years. I could easily train to walk a marathon-I just have problems with running. Maybe I will never be able to do this but I would like to try.
85. Show more people my photography.
86. Get ready for 3 scholarships that I want to try for in 2012.
87. Learn enough about animation that I can create my own area at Burning Life. I dabble with 3D animation programs but often forget what I have learned.
88. Do more volunteer work.
89. Get copies of several family recipes from my Mother.
90. Start doing memorial ceremonies at the graves of loved ones during the Easter and Christmas season.
91. Learn Photoshop better. One thing I am in the process of doing, is learning how to fix "pet eye"...I have so many photos to fix that have this problem.
92. Re-read my Heloise Household hint book. This is a thick book.
93. Frame more of my sentimental photos. Scan family photos that I want to give copies of (or want copies of from others).
94. Organize scrapbooking supplies.
95. Be on the lookout for another marriage retreat that we can attend....they are often to far away.
96. Finish a candlestick that I started painting.
97. Use some of the seed bead tubes that I have. I would like to decorate skirts.
98. Name my dollhouse. Figure out exactly what work I want to do on it. The dollhouse will be decorated for several of the holidays this year.
99. Go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Ideally, I would like to see the Christmas lights (in 2010, there were over a million).

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This is Day 2 of the Blog Dare. I will blog every day this year. :-)


Farrukh said...

Wow, you do have a plan. A nice list of resolutions. Stopping by from Bloggy moms.


I am trying to make sure that I really keep on top of my goals this year.....momentum is always a good motivator for me. I am sure I will have other goals to add before the year is over. I am glad that you visited and look forward to getting to know you during the Blog Dare.

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