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101 in 1001 continued.....

Saturday, September 28, 2013 is my new day for my "101 in 1001." I have achieved many goals on this activity in past years....I just like to start it over a lot (I am a fan of having a new project). A new start on this list feels like a great thing to do right now.

Here is my refined list:

1. Go zipriding....Lost Canyon in Colorado. I want to be in better shape before having this experience. I would like to donate blankets and other items to some of the animal rescues that I know of in Colorado while there.
2. I want to do more research on historical hairstyles and clothing.
3. Take Doggie to obedience school. Build an outdoor play area for Doggie. Safety proof the yard for all the children in our family and get a start on setting it up for a couple of events that I (in once case, hopefully) see coming up in future years.
4. Participate in many more memes. I love meeting new people and learning more about myself through memes.
5. Loose the weight that I have gained via my thyroid problem. See how many of the symptoms I can alleviate/lessen through research on what might help. Daily skin care routine....extremely dry skin from the thyroid problem. In 2010, I found out that I have a anti-thyroid anti-body which can be dangerous and means my thyroid is in the process of dying. My goal is to keep a functioning thyroid for as long as I can and to come to peace with this situation.
6. Pray genuine prayers...everyday. Not say words....pray genuine prayers. Remember to include the people in my "Vigil at the Top" in my prayers and thought. 
7. Daily and varied workout. Do you have any workout music suggestions?
8. Eat breakfast every day. Start compiling a book of the breakfast recipes I come up with. I like to make my own recipes.
9. Celebrate the end of each week. A fun way to keep one's sanity... recognizing the hard work/contribution of the week. 
10. Visit JPUSA. Do what I can to help out with their ministries.
11. Once a week, find a new person to include in my friends on MySpace…..this was to be an art blog but now is more a gallery of art that I am interested in.
12. Learn a new word every week. Not an obsolete or obscure word...a usable word. Use the new word...and blog it.  
13. Explore one new radio station a week. 
14. At least once a month, update any program on my computer that is updateable. I am sure that I will have more to this computer maintenance goal. 
15. Use my "Dance,Dance Revolution" for aerobic exercise at least twice a month. This is not a goal I will hold myself to if I am having any kind of health issues. 
16. Take at least one nature photo every season.  
17.  Undergo "vision therapy." Look into the possibility of getting botox shot into my eye help with alternating exotropia (may temporarily or permanently overcome this problem). 
18. Get a swimming pool. Also, get a swimming pool for Doggie....Cesar says this my distract her from the extreme fear of getting toenails cut.
19. Play more games.
20. Get a hanging pot rack. I think we will have to make something more coatrack like...the ceiling does not seem to be up to this idea.
21. Wash and detail our car at least once every two months.
22. Continue to add to my home barista setup. Currently, I need more of the espresso shot glasses.
23. Get reassembly,repairs and "setup" done on my guitars. I need to get a boogie bag and a case. Learn how to play...using online lessons and textbooks...Berkley has a free online program for this.
24. Relearn how to read music.
25. Relearn sign language. Learn some of the symbols....not just the time-consuming spelling that I knew before.
26. Niagara:
---Visit both the American and Canadian sides.I am leaning towards "Chariots of Fire Tours" as they have a helicopter ride.
---Learn a lot of the history beforehand so I can convey the whole experience with my camera.
---Be sure to get to the Illumination. Practice nightshots on all the cameras I am going to use beforehand.
---Make a book about the whole trip for my coffee table. Have it nicely bound.
27. Find a place where I can take a romantic sleigh ride with husband. Walnut Grove (home of Laura Ingall's Wilder) was my ideal but they don't seem to have such an event. Write to Walnut Grove and ask why they do not have such an event.
28. Finish reading "The Joy of Cooking." Yes, I read cookbooks.
29. Go horseback riding regularly. I tried e-mailing an equestrian school that offers lessons by riding experience level...but you have to learn tack and so on which I am intimidated by. If this school lets people learn at a slower pace then EVERY week, I will actually take lessons. 
30. Read all of the Cantebury a piece(s) of artwork for each.
31. Purchase a good telescope that I can take pictures of the nightsky with. Make fractal photos with the pictures...even if I have to play with the colors first.
---Win NaNoWriMO...I have failed miserably every time I have participated.
---Continue working on my book about William Clark (of Lewis and Clark fame).  
33. Be more ready to open my coffeeshop.
34. Go on a hot air balloon ride....every time I have scheduled such an experience, I have been held back by weather.
35. Buy an Alaskan Klee Kai...a miniature Alaskan Husky.
36. Find a wig manufacturer that I like and purchase a wig that I like. I have cheap Halloween wigs...very cheap. Cheap Halloween wigs are not much fun. I like to be kind of costumey sometimes.
37. Plan a trip to Wounded Knee. Make a film about Native American issues out of this...when I go (not necessarily, during the 1001).Re-read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." Attend a Pow-Wow that follows the authentic traditions.
38. Get a working stereo. I have come across a lot of non-working stereos but they cost more than the stereo to fix. Build my record collection (I really wouldn't call the 4 records I currently have a collection). I want a record of the "Annie" soundtrack (in good condition).
39. Do a combined study on my blog of:
The Surrendered Wife
The Artist's Way
Eat that Frog (a book about Procrastination)
The Five Love Languages
The Velveteen Principles
Ice Cream for Breakfast
Becoming a Vessel God Can Use
You Can Do It! (an adult badge book written by a lady who died on Flight 93 on Sept. 11th)
I may add more books to this.
40. Read "Dune" the entire series. Make artwork inspired by it as I go along. Seek out "Dune" discussion groups and forums...there were things I didn't understand in the movie and I expect there will be in the book. Re-watch the Dune movie.
41. Watch every video on FoodTube.  
42. Finish setting up my sewing room. I have been working on this but need to devise ways to keep this area from getting overrun with everyone else’s clutter. This is a goal I need to persist in as I have nowhere else to put my sewing area...and I am sure there are a lot of other places that clutter could be put.
43. Collect every book ever written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Start mapping out an itinerary (like people do when they want to follow the Lewis and Clark expedition) to follow Laura's life. Someday I want to take a short trip in a covered wagon but not camp out (I don't like camping outdoors). I also want to follow the Oregon Trail...with activities, blogging and photos (not complete with starving and dysentery).
44. Get out of debt. This does not include student loans (as I know that goal will take much longer).
45. Finish my next degree.
46. Wear more nail polish. Husband finds "wear more nail polish" as a goal amusing. Purchase nail polishes that do not have toxic chemicals.
47. Build upon our butterfly garden. The winter will be a nice time to research more flowers to include.
48. Read "The Complete Poetry & Prose of William Blake."
49. Read all 37 of Shakespeare's plays.
50. Learn to draw unicorns. I have always found making their horn look realistic to be impossible. Maybe I can find a book on how to draw unicorns. Once I progress past drawing unicorns, I want to learn how to paint them.
51. Read the entire New Living Translation Bible. Journal/blog/annotate as I am reading...this is a study Bible.
52. Read every alternative history story ever written by Harry Turtledove.Write my own short story of alternative history.
53. Take a self-portrait photograph every season.
54. Set some TBD (to-be-determined) goals about my calligraphy. Work through "The Calligrapher's Companion."
55. Visit the farm that is the headquarters of Seed Savers...try to learn something new while I am there. My 2011 Seed Savers Exchange catalog just arrived yesterday.
56. See at least two plays a year.
57. Make a serious attempt to learn to draw/paint portraits.
58. Blog my entire re-reading (and implementation) of "The Tightwad Gazette." I am going to try to teach others some of the tactics presented in these books.
59. Make and use a flower press.
60. Handmade Christmas cards. Work on Christmas all year.
61. Make my own teas...I have some recipes.Collect many recipes for making tea or using tea.
62. Finish reading Stephen King's "On Writing." Write a review of it on my blog. I am planning a trip to see his new musical with John Mellencamp in Atlanta...whenever that comes out.
63. Try swordfish,kangaroo,snake and alligator meat. If I find the initial tasting tolerable, experiment with at least one recipe for each of these.
64. Start a new tropical fish setup...with live plants and lots of ghost shrimp. As a joke, name one of the fish "Esta-fishie." I also want to name a fish Xanth.
65. Acquire/make a bookmark for every book I own.
66. Get good enough to sing "You Don't Know How it Feels" at karaoke....and do so.  I have been working on this and some other songs. I am now seeking out online voice lessons and tips from people that I know are good singers. I am not the worst singer in the world but not at the level I want to be at. I am partially tone-deaf.   
67. Join a volleyball league. If the first one is not compatible, then try another until I find one that I like.
68. Restore all the wood in our small task.
69. Family tree.  
70. Put in a pond. Up our urban farming efforts...I want to eventually teach classes. The plan is for me to eventually be an environmental engineer (read this as a lot of work ahead of me).
71. Become more knowledgeable of great artworks and architecture.
72. Make more soap.
73. Try my hand at making candles. Not soy candles as I can't eat soy...I would assume inhaling it is bad for my thyroid, too.
74. Pedicures...I like pretty toenails but always mess them up. Repetition makes for improvement.
75. Transplant my Christmas cactus. Grow them outdoors for part of the year.
76. Improve our herb garden.
77. Go golfing.
78. Train for a marathon. Given leg and lung issues, I think this will take a lot of work.
79. Start showing more people my photography.
80. Go to BlogHer, BlogHer Food, SXSW and Pheonix Comicon.
81. Attend Burning Life....something I have already done twice. Get to the point where I have enough knowledge that I can create my own area at this event.
82. I have several relatives I need to visit...this involves trips. I need to start planning these trips (and how the budget will go for this).
83. Do more volunteer work.
84. Learn more family recipes...while their are still people around to teach me.
85. At least twice a year put flowers on graves of diseased loved ones. I was able to do this for Christmas in 2010.
86. Start really adding to my GoodReads page. For a while, I was coming along at a decent pace on this.
87. Learn Photoshop better.
88. Continue trying to learn 3-D animation software...this has not been a small task as I don't have much time and often forget everything I learn.
89. More games (board games,video games,etc.) played with Husband.
90. Re-read the Heloise household hint book I have. Of course, Blog about this.
91. Blog my viewpoints on the TV shows I watch.
92. Frame my sentimental photos.
93. Scanning family photos.
94. Organize scrapbooking supplies. This is a tall order as I like to do a lot of handmade stuff but collect too many bits and pieces. I need to develop a system for making sure that I use the neat things I find.
95. Attend another marriage retreat. It takes a while to find one that suits us, but we really enjoyed hearing Gary Chapman over the course of a weekend.
96. Finish a candlestick that I started painting.
97. Work more with fabric and beads. I have a lot of seed beads unopened. I need to get more fabric.
98. Complete my dollhouse. I plan to decorate my dollhouse for Christmas this year. I need to put up photos of the dollhouse as it progresses. I also need to give the house a name.
99. Visit a good zoo,a significant art exhibit and a exciting amusement park at least once each year. We did get to the zoo this summer. :-)
100. Make at least one of the (medieval, Southern Belle, etc.) dresses that I have patterns for.
101. Get a professional stove/oven.

This is my first post as a part of a challenge to blog every day this year. I have done alright in similar challenges....sometimes failing a few days as problems come up in life. I am following the very wise idea of having some posts ready ahead of time, so barring major service or computer problems, I expect to do well on this challenge. :-)
-Let me know if you are participating.

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