Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

-----Arizona family attempts year of eating only local.  I am not sure such an experiment would work well for me...I have a hard enough time finding some things (cranberries for instance are not sold at any store here....unless it is Thanksgiving or Christmas). I will take this as a prompt to start looking for more local farms and nurseries.
-----Up To Scratch. "The Chronicles Of a Typical American Family As They Try To Survive For a Month Without Anything Bottled, Boxed, Jarred or Canned."  

-----Pollo Magnifico. Adapted from a ChiChi's recipe.
-----Tijuana Tacos

-----Chicken and Guacamole Tostadas. According to the comments, the guacamole might be good all by itself.
-----Black Bean, Grilled Flank Steak and Guacamole Tostada Stack
-----Shrimp-and-Guacamole Tostadas. From "Cooking Light" 1999.

"It's not your stomach's fault that we are in this, why should it suffer?"


Box of 20.Hand-painted ivory chocolate heart-shaped shell.Filled with an ivory chocolate, Sicilian pistachio, cinnamon ganache and a hint of tequila.

5.  Making these soon:
---Vegan Chocolate Cake
---Turkey Salad Sandwich With Sea Salt Vinaigrette 
---BLT Sandwich Spread 
---Guacamole Chicken Sandwich

6. I want to make this again next month:
I think we will make one batch just like we did the first time (including the happy accident of beef broth) and the other batch will be made with the garlic olive oil that I was thinking of as an adaptation. Now we have several jars of roasted red peppers that I found on clearance for 99 cents a jar at Aldi's (some even have garlic and olive oil in them) paying the ridiculous supermarket price of $1.50 for one pepper!

"Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie in Your Bed Can Kill You"

8. The family of the lady who snatched a child from the hospital 23 years ago is asking for compassion.
I have a hard time seeing where a shorter punishment should be given. I understand that she was sorrowful over not having children and believe that she could have wanted to come forward for 23 years (maybe was genuinely sorry despite having kept it this way for so long). I just can't get past the amount of pain caused. I guess that I would have to speak with this woman before I could come close to putting myself in her shoes. I just feel badly for the family whose child was kidnapped when they took her to the hospital during an illness....such pain and not knowing for so long. If I were a judge, I would listen to the case closely and, if I felt she were telling the truth, my reaction would be to give the twenty year minimum, plus the extra three years the child was kidnapped and a lot of counseling. If I were the lady who did the kidnapping, I would request to make full in-person or video apologies to both the child I had raised and the parents.

9. In Los Angeles, two high school students were shot when a gun in a backpack was dropped.
---One was shot in the temple and remains hospitalized (as of January 25th)....I have not read if she is out of critical condition but she has had to have a piece of her skull removed due to swelling that occurs from this type of injury.
---The parents of the other child, who was shot in the neck, are suing due to what they perceive as a lack of consistent security enforcement in the school. 
---Apparently, the gun may have been carried for protection and the student who had it is now being charged with two felonies. The prosecution wants to try him as an adult which will result in some serious prison time. I am not sure why the young man thought he needed it in his backpack in the classroom...other than the fear he could not get to it quickly enough if kept in his locker. Two other students are being charged with trying to help this young man get away/remove evidence after the incident.
-----If I were the administrators of this school, I would be looking into whether other students routinely have fear for their safety.

10. The Delicious Life

11. My Shower To-Do List:
-----Get a better shower head. We have one that is efficient....I think it partly comes by this via that fact that it is like showering under a dribble. I want one that is efficient but still manages to give a comfortable spray (if there is such a thing).
-----Sanitize the little plastic scalp massager and the rack I keep my shower things in. I know it hangs in the shower and gets sprayed by water....but I still think this is a good idea every once-in-a-while.
-----See what I can do to remove the rust that has started forming on the edges of Husband's shower caddy-there doesn't appear to be much that can be done. We have hard water and it gets on my nerves.
-----See if I can find a pretty decal (or make one) to put on the door. I had a company that was going to send me a sample but it never arrived and I don't remember who their name to inquire about it.
-----Find more exercises that can be done in the shower-this one helps relieve neck pain. I usually try to do some sort of activity on my way to the shower, too.

12. This girl has been asked not to sing the National Anthem at games unless it is done in a more traditional manner. A video is shown. I think it was a really good rendition....better than pretty much any that I have heard at a sporting event. I feel badly for her.
"Administrators say there were complaints after a game against Martinsville that the anthem was disrespectful, unrecognizable and that it was disrespectful to current and former members of the military."

13. What ingredients have you never cooked with but want to try? I keep a list.
---A large part of the problem for me with trying new ingredients is shipping and handling...I do not live anywhere near a place that is very culinary and that means that hunting all over town for an item usually does no good. I complain about it frequently as it is frustrating to live somewhere that cranberries are only sold at Christmas and things like lamb and veal are pretty much silently outlawed. 
---I will actually work grocery shopping into travels. I can only get non-perishables but at least that helps once a year or so when I visit some city that is more into culinary pursuits.We budget for this type of activity by eating from the pantry and then using the budget that would normally have gone to food during that time at the other location. In other words, nothing extra is spent. Works well. :-)



Alice Audrey said...

Funny she mentions socks today.


Alice Audrey-
That is a funny given your Thirteen topic. :-) My socks are not so interesting....pretty much at all. I do like my growing collection of tights and patterned hosiery though.

Pearl said...

Fennel, haloumi, goat cheese, all things that I enjoy at times. really simple pasta salad if you put them all together.

Cooking from nothing canned, boxed, etc sounds challenging. Easier in the south like that but still, wonder if they'll do it and feel enriched or deprived at the end.


Thank you for the salad suggestion...sounds easy and like it will taste good.

I think that the family in question has a better chance than many of cooking from scratch. They made some of the components ahead of time (that sounds reasonable to me as most people would end up starting with bare cupboards....and the new stuff would be a costly start).

I think that I would learn a lot if I tried this. I do cook a LOT of things from scratch which surprises people-they aren't used to things like real cranberry sauce or soup that has taken a good part of the day to prepare. Some people are scared to try the results of real looks foreign compared to the blobs that are processed.

Mercy said...

Good list, thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

Lynn said...

Wow, thanks for the T13 mention!

With the new project, I'm finding a lot of ingredients that I've never used before, like pectin and semolina. Hazelnuts are next on the list ... we'll see how that turns out.


Thank you for visiting. :-)


Trying new things is always exciting. I have never cooked with pectin but always try to have that be my choice for preserves. I have to admit that I like the Smucker's Cherry Jam better than my Polaner All Fruit....and that is bad because you can just tell that the Smucker's is not the more healthy choice. I generally have myself eat the Polaner first if I have both...with Smucker's once-in-a-while. You just made me think of something-I wonder what it would taste like if I mixed a little of the Smucker's into some Polaner on my toast. Hmmm.

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