Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen.....


---"Look in mirror; Jared is you." A strong opinion about the Arizona shooter.
---"We can't all look like Barbie."

Tasty Artichoke Chevre Dip. Can be used as a New Year's Eve Appetizer. Described as tangy and slightly salty. Easy recipe that uses a food processor.
Other Chevre appetizers:
---Zucchini-wrapped Vermont Chèvre with Spicy Sprouts. Makes 3 dozen. Developed by Chef Ryan Becze exclusively for Delish. (I found an account of Becze foraging ginkgo nuts in Central Park to be interesting.)
---Madeleine's Marmalade & Chevre Appetizer. Softened cream cheese can be substituted for a milder flavor.
---Creamy Pheppercorn Dressing Chevre Appetizer.  Uses Creamy Peppercorn Dip and Salad Dressing Mix from The Spice House.
---Chevre with Sauteed Grapes and Fresh Herbs
---Cool as a Cucumber Appetizers
-----Arugula Salad With Strawberries and Goat Cheese

Mommy's Idea

-----Higher Education
-----The Brass Balls Award  for meaningful blog posts.
-----Tool for making perfect snow balls
-----A child's testimony as to why parents should quiet smoking. :-(
-----"Try"...a Maya Angelou quote that I liked. I am not usually a Maya Angelou fan.

-----Chickens may literally have to cross the road. 
-----Chicken with H5N1 found dead on a shore in Hong Kong. I am a proponent of having backyard this is distressing to me.


About emotional abuse as suffered by women in the workplace.  It is not about women being more emotional because they are "girls" as I was once told.

The trailer for the zombie movie "Collapse"  is out! Husband got to be a part of the Special Makeup FX crew for this film.

8. Homemade furniture polish.  This article tells about how bad commercial furniture polish is.

9. Alex's Lemonade Stand


Can be used for cooking or snacks. Dip in melted dark chocolate for a treat. Made from tender baby ginger roots. From JR Mushrooms & Specialties. Gift-wrap is available.

11. This lady WANTS to be the world's fattest woman. The meal that she ate for Christmas totaled 30,000 calories.

12. Recently we made Accidental Grilled Chicken Salad:
Husband and I do not grill in the winter. We only had three chicken breasts. The chicken cooked nicely in a cast iron skillet and then we set it aside to brown the vegetables (in the skillet)...both were cooked in olive oil and we drained well before putting it in with the mayonnaise mixture. The onion used was "Mayan Sweets" (purchased at Walmart). Neither of us can have soy, so we used a canola-based mayo. Tabasco was used for the hot sauce. The finished salad had a very nice color. We served this salad between toasted English muffins which made for a great taste....I would recommend chopping tiny if done this way (messy). If chopped small, one might be able to do an open-faced sandwich on English muffins. The amount of sauce was perfect-not always easy to get by following the recipe for a chicken,tuna,etc. salad. It tasted great served a little warm-we were hungry and couldn't wait to eat it. I would serve this to guests (with or without some sort of bread) and that is saying a lot about my confidence in this dish as many of our guests have very conservative palates. We usually score dishes out of 10...this got a 9.

13. In the UK, saving for a deposit on a home can take 17 years!



Mary Quast said...

I love the crystalized ginger. I put a little slice of it in my tea for a sore throat.


I will have to try that....sore throat or not. :-)

I space out my ginger consumption because sometimes it bothers me. I don't think that I am allergic to it...just that it sometimes does something to my metabolism.

Xakara said...

My brain stalled on the 30,000 calories and I can't think of anything else to say.

Happy TT,

13 PsiCorps Terms


I am pretty sure my body would not let me eat 30,000 calories. The list that was mentioned was pretty overwhelming. That much would take me HOURS upon HOURS to eat...with sitting or lying down to rest. I would also either throw up or develop painful gas. I don't think breathing would be that easy either as the eating progressed. I suppose the body becomes used to such...but I doubt it does so comfortably. Assuming a 2,000 calorie per day intake....this meal was 15 days worth of food! I hope that this lady changes her mind about setting that record.

i beati said...

I want some chevre this instant


i beati-
I am not sure if I have tasted goat's cheese (chevre) before...but I really want to start making recipes with it. :-)

mindfulmixture said...

Now I'm craving chevre.
I can totally relate to #13, even if not in the UK. Buying a house these days is nearly impossible.


Husband and I just shared part of a sharp cheddar cheese ball on wheat crackers....that was yummy. I am starting to get much more interested in cheese.

Regarding the housing market, it is reminding me a bit of what it was like around The Great Depression....not that many people could afford to buy a house.

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