Thursday, December 16, 2010

-----The men had the distinction of being the worst performing Blue Team ever.
-----Nona has one of the best palettes in Hell's Kitchen history? In any case, Nona is who I was cheering for. I have only found 1 person online was cheering for Russell (and they were only kind of doing so).
-----The "most combative" season of Hell's Kitchen ever. Note that "competitive" was not the word used. Russell certainly did his share of adding to the combative atmosphere throughout the season.
-----Southern cooking in Los Angeles? That sounds like a nice fusion if it is done just right.
-----Nona made some sacrifices to be on this show.
-----Obviously, it has likely been said many times before, but it is apt that Russell's last name is "Kook"...if you choose to pronounce this as "cook" and not as someone who is a bit crazy. Smart alecs may make a joke about him being a kook (as in crazy). I do not actually know how Russell's last name is pronounced.
-----The amount of raw food on this show puzzles me. I can see burning things...if you cook a lot that statistically happens (I find it is often due to something being wrong with the stove). Perhaps the stress is just so great that people are pressured to try to cut cooking times short???

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