Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top to Bottom 2010.....

I am getting ready for the New Year here in most dramatic fashion. We are switching entire contents of a couple rooms and it is my goal to at go through everything I personally own....making it so I am not keeping junk and I am  using my resources effectively.

We hung my beautiful velvet draperies today . I bought these on EXTREME sale about 3 years ago as I knew we would need privacy (but we never got around to switching the rooms as planned until now). As Husband was hanging the drapes his leg hit a tabletop and had apparently already hit the contents of everything near the table. I picked up everything and put it on the bed to sort into a better home....and that is when my Top to Bottom idea was born. :-)

Of course, sorting the things that were knocked down was an adventure. I put everything on the bed and Doggie, as usual, decided she needed  to be in the center of any adventure. As fast as I would start making decisions she would come up and want to play with and hide a treat, play with a toy, put herself between me and my new project or simply run over the top of everything. Doggie saw this as great exercise and is now napping peacefully. :-)

Among the stuff that I kept:
---My last issue of "The Good News"...must renew my (free) subscription
---2 issues of DanceSpirit. I have a complimentary subscription.
---National Plant Germplasm Repository Request Form. I did not have any luck with the strawberry and cranberry that I requested last year due to unusual weather conditions. The only thing that really thrived in our garden this year was flowers and members of the nightshade family (unfortunately, including lots of actual nightshade that we had to cut down). Among other things, I intend to use my plant requests as a part of  The Great Sunflower Project  , teaching urban farming classes and  establishing a UpS Botanical Sanctuary.
---March 2008 issue of "The Big Picture" some sort of art magazine that Husband was getting for free. When I handed it back to Husband, he asked me "When did that come?"...as if it were a recent subscription/issue. :-)
---Paperback of Stephen King's "Firestarter." I have read the first few pages.
---Wooden house-shaped wall hanging with little sections to store tiny nick nacks in. I like these a lot. I have five such wall hangings. I just can't seem to find a place to put this one as it is brightly painted instead of just stained.
---A couple of post cards from politicians that I want to learn more about.
---Address labels from the VFW
---List of ingredients for a dish we made. I cannot remember what this goes with or if we liked it. Holding on to this for a little while.
---Ad with picture of the Red Freedom Hedge Rose from Spring Hill Nursery. Low maintenance and hybridized to resist insects/disease. Profuse Flowers.
---F.W. Schumacher Co, Inc. 2008 Catalog. I need to send for the latest. This is a catalog of seeds for nurserymen and foresters.
---Student loan documents
---A photo I found in a used book of someone getting a guitar at Christmas. I have a hard time throwing out peoples' sentimental moments.
---Business card that someone gave me for a skin care spa. I don't know what all the procedures listed mean.
---Postcard from TheNewsroom.com by Voxant that I somehow missed getting. I sometimes use this site in my blogging. According to the postcard, they now have a weekly e-mail newsletter.
---2 Phonebooks. Keeping even though we get WAY TOO MANY of these.
---Frontgate catalog. Things for the home...both indoors and out.
---Package of notebook paper. ALWAYS useful. I only purchase during the time when
back-to-school sales go rock bottom.
---"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Acting." Not finding this to be a very good book.
---A list of animals to practice photography skills last time we went to the zoo. We had fun and learned a lot but very few photos have been found since my great computer crash. We will go again.
---An issue of Cure. I have a free subscription for my Mother who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer. This magazine is free to cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers (in the U.S. only). There is also an option to get a paid subscription if you do not qualify for free and/or live outside of the United States.
---Issue of Popular Photography
---Post card for free sub to GeezerJock. A magazine that now has some other name but that I had a free lifetime charter subscription to. I will send this postcard with a note saying this has stopped arriving. The plan was to pass this on to a elderly loved one who is very athletic.
---List of library books I need to finish reading...so, I must check them out again.
---Recipe for Bubble and Squeak...a traditional British dish.

To remember among garbage:
---Menards. They have some hanging wasp traps that I like the look of....clear orangeish-yellow and look almost like the bears that honey comes in. Washable and reusable.
---Expired coupon for Tyson Anytizers snacks. I have never tried these. There are many chicken wings in the Anytizers line and we will try some IF the breading/sauce does not contain soy. I might also like it if we tried the chicken fries. I wonder if Burger King still has Chicken Fries.
---Postcard for a past school supply drive. Perhaps some of the sample or review items that I get can be donated to a school child.

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