Monday, November 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen.....

-----Thanksgiving Turkey shortage for recession-hit families.
-----Charities struggle to feed the needy over the holidays.

2. I am on my fourth Kiva loan. I was lucky enough to win a $25 Kiva gift certificate some time back and I have been reinvesting it. I was happy to note that the party I am lending to now is actually 90-some dollars ahead in their repayment. For those that don't know, Kiva is a way for several people to band together with small amounts of money to help someone in a poor country....micro-lending.

3. When Bloggers Stop Blogging

4. In My Life:
-----I had to cancel my Soil Science course. I was excited to find that MIT Opencourseware (which I am a big fan of) has a free,online course that covers some of the same topic. The course is on "The Environment of the Earth's Surface"...which means it will cover soil science. Our excellent library system will help me in this creative way of getting the knowledge that I need for my urban farming efforts. :-)
-----My Christmas cacti look as if they may be on the decline again. I KNOW that they are true Christmas cacti, but I did not get a flower or flowers (I don't remember which) on one of them until about April of this year for last year's blooming. They keep getting some sort of issue in which the leaves turn dark for a while...they have not been over-watered or exposed to cold. I hope that I get blooms and have them at the correct time this year. I have grown the two Christmas cactus for 3-4 years (maybe more on the older one) and I have successfully grown one cutting which I gave to a friend (as part of an Akoha game on my birthday). This Spring, when it is not cold, I hope to give a cutting to my she is ill, I may go ahead and giving her a cutting this Winter,too (despite the cold). So, I really hope the cacti keep improving in their health.
-----We have a small duck that we are going to cook for our romantic Thanksgiving Eve dinner (our tradition at major holidays). Neither Husband or I have ever cooked duck, so this is going to be a big adventure for us.

5. Words I like the sound of:

6. Exercise that can be done in the shower to relieve neck pain.

7. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms


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