Saturday, November 20, 2010

Someday we will have an idea of exactly how many ways one can use Hollandaise.

Last night we made the Open-Faced Chicken Benedict but used turkey that Grandmother-In-Law sent us.
---This was excellent with the only change being that we would not use turkey that had already been cooked next time (a little chewy and drier than should have been). The turkey was torn up into bigger chunks but in a way that would still fit perfectly.
---For pepper we used Tone's Restaurant-Style Black Pepper and I liked the way this looked in the sauce.
---The mayonnaise was canola-based as Husband is newly allergic to soy (and I should avoid it). It is hard to find mayonnaise without soy.
---We did not use Canadian Bacon....regular bacon instead. Slices of bacon were broken up by Husband so they fit neatly on the English Muffins with nothing overlapping.
---The whole dish had a very neat presentation.

Tonight we severely adapted a Pasta Casserole recipe to use up the rest of the Hollandaise.
---We did not use rotini. Instead, we fully cooked macaroni.
---We used a good amount of sliced baby carrots (thicker than matchstick).
---A handful of celery hearts were used...not sliced terribly thin.
---A pretty good sized onion. I will have to check on what kind. Again, pieces not sliced terribly thin.
---No zucchini. Two good-sized green peppers chopped into rings.
---The vegetables were sauteed in a cast-iron skillet. First canola oil was used and then olive oil when more needed to be added.
---Instead of adding salt & pepper at the end....we added salt, pepper and a dulce (mild) Spanish Paprika during cooking.
---We had no asiago and I had read that bread crumbs could be substituted. We put Progresso bread crumbs to the consistency of what a casserole would look like and then mixed these in. We stirred in somewhere between 2 and 4 tablespoons of bacon bits.
---We never put this dish in the oven.
---Topped with the (eggless...but for mayonnaise) Hollandaise sauce we made last night. I liked mine with the sauce mixed in pretty well.

One green pepper was funny. It had an extra little pepper growing on top and two extra peppers growing inside.

Husband rated tonight's dish 8/10. He liked the Open-Faced Turkey Benedict better.

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