Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please,bring it back in BlāK.

On Facebook, I have joined a couple of groups that support bringing  Coca-Cola BlāK  back. For those who did not try this, to me it tasted like strong Coca Cola with a bit a of coffee added. I initially found it weird, continued to find it weird and obviously still want more of this weirdness.  

---I remember that it was said Coca-Cola BlāK could be consumed hot, just like coffee, but I never got to try that. I still need to try normal Coca Cola with coffee (and might ask Husband to do this for now...I am not having any caffeine in an effort to get the new thyroid medicine to work well).
---One thing that I did not like about Coca-Cola BlāK was that the taste got stronger off and on. If I were a developer bringing back this beverage, I would look at whether it might taste better with this not occurring. I found it hard to drink at times due to this change in flavors.
---The bottle was glass. Really, I prefer that for beverages. I wish that I had saved a bottle. Some people sell the empty bottles on Ebay...but buying used drink bottles is not my sort of thing. When I like a beverage (particularly if it was alcoholic), I usually save the bottle to use for decoration or as a vase. 

I will make a "Back in Blak" t-shirt if it ever happens. Another spoof on this that I like is the Darth Vader Back in Black t-shirts. :-)

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