Friday, October 22, 2010

-----Zahra case suggests that North Carolina is lax in tracking home-schooled children?
-----Terri Horman wants to be able to visit her daughter.  I can not see a judge allowing someone whom investigators have focused on for an abduction (and possibly murder) to have unsupervised visitation. Morally, I could not see a judge ordering the father to pay for the supervision.  If she is innocent, I could see where Terri would really feel that too long had gone by without seeing her daughter after a time. I can see where the father would be petrified that an unsupervised visitation would be allowed (again, I doubt there is any chance of that actually happening). Then again, there are people who would say that Terri's daughter eventually should have a renewed relationship with her no matter what occurred. What do you think?
-----Joran van der Sloot's lawyer wants a probe of the accusations that Joran attempted to buy marijuana while out of his cell.  I would think that some expert could give a pretty accurate estimation as to whether the tape in question might be doctored.
-----A book accusing the parents of Madeleine McCann of faking her abduction WILL be allowed to be published. 
-----When a missing person is found/assumed to have been murdered.....why do people always think the perpetrator is the spouse?

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