Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen.....


Coleslaw de Luxe
This is something that Husband and I made as a part of our cook-through project. In one way or the other, over the next decade or so, we are going to work through all 4,500+ recipes in the 1975 edition of "Joy of Cooking." We are calling the project "Our Joy of Cooking" and it is partially inspired by the fact that I cannot afford to attend culinary school.
---The Coleslaw de Luxe recipe can be found on page 97 of the book.
---We used packaged coleslaw mix which had both white and red cabbage. There were also carrots. We decided this was best as our cutting space is small. Neither of us really had the patience to deal with the clean-up and trying to keep things from flying out of bounds....hence, the packaged slaw mix.
----We used one bag of coleslaw cabbage. I did not check to see how equal this was to a "small head of cabbage." Next time I think we will make more sauce than what the recipe recommends. I think this coleslaw would have been a 10 with just a little more sauce to coat the cabbage.
---Especially if you are also making things with grease (like hamburgers), I would recommend cleansing the throat of the cream in the recipe with something like a glass of lemonade.
---The almonds we used came in a 1/2 cup quantity....perfect considering the PRICES of almonds anymore! We used slivered almonds that were cut very thin. We did not have to blanch and the almonds were not TOO crunchy.
---This was our version of serving with tomatoes. We are leery about when/how we will try the other serving option....having it with an aspic ring.
---The tomatoes were part of a BARGAIN I found at Walmart. The tomatoes were selling for a $1.00 a bag and each came with a 75 cent coupon off the next purchase! Since we need/should buy tomatoes I will continue to look for this deal whenever possible. These are "Nature Sweet Vine-Ripened Cherry Tomatoes" and they go on sale when most of the bags are a little wilted/flawed (I, of course, pick out bags that are still perfect). If I can get this deal repeatedly, I essentially look at it as paying a quarter a bag!
---The best coleslaw I have ever tasted. Really light and not upsetting to the stomach. The grapes were perfect in this dish. We got some really good grapes at Hy-Vee.

2. National Mill Dog Rescue

I am getting more involved in animal rescue causes:
We suspect that our Doggie was abused by a previous owner. We got her from a shelter after she was a stray. Doggie was supposed to be full-grown but only weighed 12 pounds when we took her home! She had a pretty bad cold that the shelter thought was gone...we were really worried that she was going to die in the first few days. Our Doggie is well-loved and now weighs a healthy 21-25 pounds.  

3. Hanukkah is Yummly

4. A newborn was temporarily removed from parental custody and there is a lawsuit....false-positive drug test after the mother ate a poppy seed bagel.

5. World's most precise clocks could reveal that the universe is a hologram. I have no idea what this would mean if it is.

6. Food (and drink) bloggery:
-----Cooking with Trader Joe's
-----Kate in the Kitchen
-----Dole Real Fruit Bites don't sound so good. I will not be trying them anytime soon (because of the sugar).
-----Chicago Pinot

-----My Ordinary Miracles
-----7 Clever Ways to Find More Time to Blog

8. An online friend was talking about how her son made a mutant Transformer costume (using a Transformer mask, a Glad trash bag and a cut off pool noodle). I wonder what my mutant Transformer costume would look like?

9. Petition to stop canned lion hunting in South Africa. 

10. Foursquare for beer lovers.

11. Spiritual and Emotional:
-----"My Child Doesn't Believe in God. Is It My Fault?"


13. This may change things. A federal agency is saying that a woman was illegally fired over Facebook comments about her employer.

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