Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship. This is a year-long opportunity in honor of a talented woman who was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

-----Fellow blogger "Scribbit" posted how she makes Linguini Puttanesca.
-----According to Whitney Miller's comment on Facebook, the cookbook from her MasterChef win will be released in May.
-----Mom Improvement 
Our friend Thom's gargoyles. Ready for casting. Cell phone photo. Approximately April 2010.

-----Motorist rams SUV into school bus filled with children. Apparent suicide attempt.


---The HDR is interesting but it looks to be a bit like bluescreen....but maybe that has to do with my eyesight (I only see 2D).  On the second viewing of the HDR part of this episode, the bluescreen-like phenomenon was not as pronounced to me. I do not know if this means my eyesight was working better or just messed up like it always is. I did not have the same problem when looking at the video on the "Soviet Montage" site.
-Later: Had Husband watch part of Diggnation and the Soviet Montage video....he had basically the same reactions. 
---I have always thought the houses featured at the beginning of "Full House" were pretty.
---Two of the topics are PG in this episode.
---Fable III. I have barely played the first one. Maybe that is something that I should do this weekend. :-)
---"Scientific Tuesdays" on Revision 3. I will have to check that out. Science experiments that you can do at home.
---Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport. This is an electric sports car....a very expensive electric sports car. I do not believe in people owning expensive cars unless they have ALL other priorities taken care of. What is my dream car?....a Porsche (911 or 944) Cabriolet that has undergone an electric car conversion or a Karmann Ghia (think Andi's car in "Pretty in Pink").

6. Ragu has a recipe for Spaghetti Tacos. That is a bit unusual. It looks a bit unusual. I will try this (as I try everything once that is not unsafe or immoral). Convincing Husband to be open to trying this one might be....INTERESTING. There are topping options besides the plain taco shells and pasta sauce featured in the picture. I will try this both plain and with some topping variations....wish me luck.

7. Spicy Velvet Elvis Sandwich. The Peanut Butter Bread recipe must be made first for this sandwich (be aware of the comment that someone has made about the amount of flour).


Have you tried these? I just did. It says on Amazon that they are sold out almost everywhere. There are green,white and brown candies and some of the white have little palm trees next to the "M." You can smell the coconut (unsure whether there is a natural component to it or artificial flavoring).Like all M&M's I can't eat that many....I cannot have much soy and the sugar/caffeine in the chocolate affects me too much in larger handfuls. Husband cannot eat these at all....he is newly allergic to soy (and is at the point where he can only eat trace amounts). Other than my usual issues, I did think these were a treat that I might like once-in-a-while.

$8 Million iPhone (Thanks, to @SocialSmarter for the link.)

10. Cast of 2011 Celebrity Apprentice revealed.


I am on my second reading of "Perfection" by Julie Metz. This is the first selection of the SheSpeaks Book Club. Our discussion of the this book started on the 19th and we will spend two weeks on each section. I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Reader copy. I identify with and disagree with most of the characters in some way.I am hoping for a lively discussion and for this group to continue for a long time.



13. In My Life:
-----Husband told me that I am "unique" (and he met that in the literal sense of the word-not sarcastically or teasingly). I found that to be awesome.
-----I do not know who to vote for. For the most part, all of our candidates have been quiet or extremely mud-slinging. I do not even know where to begin making decisions. I do not vote along party that will not help. We do have a rude and annoying neighbor....a joking conversation occurred last night in which it was considered to vote the opposite of all her political yard signs.
-----We made a carrot salad from "Joy of Cooking." Excellent. It had grated lemon peel and grated lemon juice which could be tasted (but also blended in perfectly). Husband and I are doing a cook-through project of this book....yes, it will take about a decade!
-----Doggie went to the dog park again yesterday. Father-in-Law took her. I am glad to say that she was perfectly behaved. While Doggie was away, Husband and I took a walk in another park, sat on picnic benches, explored the playground equipment and saw bits of Halloween decoration. It is good to have an impromptu date once-in-a-while.
-----It's Thursday and time for the blogging activity known as The Mingle.



i beati said...

fun list voting makes me ill these days but I did vote yesterday


i beati-
I need to come up with some strategy to figure out what candidates to pick. Good for :-)

Brenda ND said...

Cool. Lots of stuff to ponder, including who deserves your vote. :) Happy TT!

Adelle Laudan said...

Spaghetti tacos...hmmm why does that sound wrong on so many levels? lol
Happy T13!

colleen said...

Oh, no. I can't see the pictures. I think the gargoyles are just in time for Halloween!

Xakara said...

Spaghetti taco...Blink...Blink. It's just not right. *smile*

Voting tomorrow. Good luck with making your decision.

Happy TT,

13 Lessons If You Ever Find Yourself In A Horror Movie

I am Harriet said...

Those tacos sound interesting!

Have a great Thursday!


Thank you for visiting. It makes me nervous that I will vote for someone that is totally different than they represented themselves. I voted for Obama and I am constantly back-and-forth on how I think he is doing.

Jeff Patterson said...

I found you through the Mingle - and I gotta say I've really enjoyed checking out your blog. It's so eclectic and I love that. It made me smile. I'll be back.



I see that you are an author, Brenda. Awesome. :-)


The picture of the spaghetti taco just looked wrong,too. I do like eating cold spaghetti sometimes....and think that would be VERY gross with a corn tortilla (especially if there were fat in the meat). Still I will try it at some point.


Sorry that you can't see the pictures. Our friends gargoyles are not like the stereotypical rendition. I was just thinking the other day that he really should try to sell them at Halloween. :-)


So what horror movies would you recommend, Xakara (and anyone else)? I will watch horror movies as long as there is not a lot of red flashing lights...for some reason that bothers me.

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