Friday, October 22, 2010

-----Nuclear launch card was missing for months? I would imagine that even when the codes and "football" are in there correct place, constant guardianship can be a stressful and scary experience.
-----Last month, a 6-year-old girl was removed from a cheerleading squad after her parents objected to a cheer. I would object to those words too...even for a teen girl. I wonder if the cheer is still being used.


Sarah S said...

that is ridiculous that they kicked her off the team!! This is just a prime example of how society is treating young girls today, and why so many of them are struggling!!



Even if they rethink this rash decision, the damage is already done. The cheer objectifies and kicking a girl off the squad because her parents don't approve sets it up for eventual resentment to (justifiably) protective parents. I am sure this will not be the first time her parents step in where they SHOULD...and hopefully she does not eventually come to dread or resent this. Kicking her off the squad sends the message that you will not belong if objectification is not consented to.

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