Friday, October 29, 2010

-----Man has compassion after robbing.
-----This man actually won a suit against McDonald's. What did McDonald's do wrong?...they sent secret shoppers and gave him free meals. I am assuming that there was a LOT of pressure in his work environment....otherwise, I am shaking my head at this suit.


Thomas said...

The lawsuit was in Brazil, and who knows what their legal system is like.

Most employers in America now make their employees sign a waiver promising not to sue them as a condition of employment. I just had to sign one. That pretty much gives them carte blanche to run roughshod over my rights, but I need the job, so what choice did I have?


I know what you mean regarding your rights. My last workplace discriminated against me....majorly. They had an arbitration agreement that would have made it very difficult to sue and I decided that I had been through too much to deal with court. I worked for a bigger corporation that manages to keep/remove their misdeeds from the is amazing how wonderful people think a company is-until they see the behind-the-scenes.

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