Thursday, October 07, 2010

In My Life....

-----Yesterday we made "Secret's in the Sauce" BBQ Ribs in the slow cooker. We used beef ribs instead of pork...our pieces had a considerable amount of fat and a considerable amount of meat. I think there were about 7 pieces of rib total and at a very reasonable price ($6-something at Walmart). We liberally sprinkled both layers of ribs with restaurant-style pepper. For the BBQ sauce, I picked Great Value (Walmart) Honey BBQ...this took one jar and a bit of another. Of the Grey Poupon variations, I picked the "Mild & Creamy" that comes in a squirt bottle and we used about 3 good dollops. We used a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic from a jar. Husband says that ribs need to be doused in sauce, so we poured a moderate coating of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce over the top. There wasn't really a sauce to the finished product-more of a coating and juice. We picked the ribs out minus the "sauce" and agreed that the meat was PHENOMENAL. Definitely, a 10 out of 10.
-----A not so successful experiment at lunch today. We usually re-use sauces for another dish. We had put a piece of meat for pot roast left over from last month's freezing into the rib sauce before bed. I thought I smelled strange things in the kitchen when I went in to get water several times during the night (sinus issues have been not fun for me lately). I thought the strange-ish smells were my imagination. No, not my imagination....that was the sugar cooking out of the rib sauce. The meat tasted like it does when people leave it on too long (some do this all the time and think that is a normal taste).The sauce was overcooked and burnt a little at the sides of the pot, it was palatable but not what we were expecting. Now we have a pile of less-than-pleasing meat for sandwiches. I am going to try adding some more of the Honey BBQ sauce to refresh it and we might freeze some for a later use as I have another dish that I want to start on tomorrow.

-----Helpful to another recipe (because I keep track of how effective products are in our kitchen):
~~Restaurant style pepper-we keep a bigger-not-the-biggest jar of Tones. The restaurant style has a more distinct flavor and I think does not lose the flavor on the shelf as quickly (vs. my old fave McCormick's in the metal container). This pepper still makes me sneeze sometimes but does not have as much dust. I find that this pepper often looks more aesthetically-pleasing in a dish.
~~Most of a bottle of Walmart Honey BBQ sauce. This is the lowest cost BBQ sauce I saw. Likely more of this will be used with the leftover meat for dinner tonight.
~~The bottle of "Mild & Creamy" Grey Poupon. One obvious use to me is the Zucchini pie that I like to make.
~~Minced garlic. We always have a jar almost gone and usually a backup jar. Right now we just have about 1/3 of a big-ish jar.  I do not have any bulb garlic right now as it has been drying out to quickly (we use the jar whenever it seems like we can get away without doing the prep that comes with fresh).
~~2/3 of the jar of cherry preserves. I like the use of this as an actual ingredient.
~~Some of the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. We last used this with some heated chicken for yummy sandwiches.  :-)
~~And, of course, the unintended amount of meat to use up.

-----Grandmother-in-Law sent us some dinner, veggies and a jar of homemade apple butter. Her potato salad is AWESOME and there was a slice of ham. Also, handfuls of cherry tomatoes that look so much better than those in the store and maybe a dozen little bell peppers.
-----We now have a lot of cherry tomatoes to get through as I had just found little bags on extreme sale the day before. The storebought were in OK shape but visibly did not have a long shelf-life ahead. Obviously, I prefer the tomatoes that Grandmother-in-Law grew. I think the guaranteed-least wasteful thing to do would be for me to cook down all the store bought tomatoes into some yummy salsa (Mother-in-Law taught me how to do that).
-----What do I mean by extreme discount on the tomatoes? The bags were on sale for a $1.00 each and then there was a 75 cent coupon for next visit. The way I like to think about it is that we it was a quarter for each bag! :-) I love the challenge/achievements of grocery shopping.
-----I don't know how our avocado seeds are doing. I wish there was more evident progress. These avocado seeds were salvaged from a pasta dinner we made. :-)
-----I am about half-finished with reading my advanced reader copy of "Perfection." This is the first selection in the She Speaks Book Club. The book is about a woman who finds that her Husband has betrayed her in a big way (she only finds out after he passes away). I have no idea if I am going to be disappointed or happy with the heroine by the end of the story. This is a true story.
-----I am starting my first cook-through project. I am working through my battered copy of  "The Joy of Cooking" but using my own judgement of what I want to learn from it and how I adapt techniques. It will be "My Joy of Cooking."
-----Husband took Doggie to the dog park for a playdate with Sister Doggie today. She did really well with all the dogs. Doggie's first visit to a dog-specific park.
-----Having a lot of problems with Google Chrome crashing. This will be on a different random page that will crash the browser over and over. A couple of days later the same page will have no effect. I have not been able to find a way to fix this and I hope that the next update fixes this issue.
-----Downloaded GT Ripple again today. This is a software used to make water in desktop wallpapers ripple.  I have at least one photo that I want to experiment with using the "mirror effect" on to add water to a photo that does not have it.
-----Of course I missed this week's episode of 90210. Of course, it is not up on the CW site yet. Why does Teddy have to keep messing up?

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