Tuesday, October 05, 2010

In My Life....

-----I might be getting some tulips though the squirrels made iris bulbs  highly unsuccessful. I have a wholesale catalog for part of  my long-in-progress business setup and Antoinette "The Chameleon Tulip" sounds like a good choice. I can get 25 bulbs that have 4 tulips per stem....and they have 4 different stages of color! So, if all goes well....in a way, it will be like having 400 tulips. :-)  I am not sure where they would be put...they go with our current flower colors but not with those that I want to introduce. Tulips will fit nicely in the urban farming classes that I will be teaching. :-)
-----I need to go see if the mysterious cantaloupe that made an appearance this summer did well. This  was a survivor that somehow came up this year....though the seeds from the supermarket cantaloupe were dug up by squirrels the summer before this.
-----We are growing avocados....again, seeds salvaged from groceries. I do not know if they will ever end up bearing fruit (which can take 10-20 years). They are starting inside and the seeds popped up through the soil after only a few days. I think they are making satisfactory progress. I am nervous about the soil not draining well and the amount of sunlight. On the bright side, if these seeds are not successful, it will cost nothing for us to try again. If we cannot get avocados to fruit or taste good, then they do make nice house plants. :-)
-----Very angry this morning. We were lucky enough to be lent use of a sod cutter at one point and filled in a large-ish area in the side yard that was muddy and our city says has to have grass. A lawn service came to the house next door and, since they had a car parked in their driveway and wanted to start at a certain angle, they rode a riding lawn mower up the very yard it took so long to essentially graft grass from areas in the back yard to. I wonder if they thought I was photographing them when I went outside with my phone and walked around (possibly not able to hide the angry look). This person wanted a good look to their work so they unnecessarily started their approach on the lawn they weren't being paid to mow! There is some damage but I think it will recover....more to the edge so that is good. The lawn service obviously did not want to have to come back again soon as they mowed the grass next door so close that it looks dead. I so want to make a signs with a pirate on them-"Trespassers will walk the plank!" :-)

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