Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hell's Kitchen...9 Chefs Compete

-----I have to say that Gordon Ramsay's last elimination really left him no choice. I think this person tried really is just that (accidentally) wasting that much food can only be overlooked so long.
-----Everyone is capable of changing their attitude....even quickly. Of course, it takes a lot to have people believe that one's attitude changed quickly.
-----I enjoy the challenges that require the chefs to be creative.
-----"I got my hooker boots on and I'm gonna have a good time."
-----"People that eat fine dining are not used to getting portions made for, like, Andre the Giant."

-----Pea and Bacon Risotto
-----Sweet Pea Risotto
-----Chicken and Pea Risotto
-----Red Wine Risotto with Peas. The peas are optional.
-----Spinach-Pea Risotto. I am wondering if the other vegetables in this dish will work without the radishes as I cannot have radishes (thyroid issues). I wonder how jicama would work for this dish (it would have a sweet, nutty flavor or would blend in with other flavors....depending on how much it "heated through").
-----Fresh Pea Risotto with Spicy Grilled Shrimp

-----Sabrina and the lentils was a BIG risk! Not just in the cooking time-the aesthetic look of lamb and a bunch of lentils on a dish takes some getting used to.
-----I enjoy the judging panels. Always well chosen. I wish that contestants were always respectful of the judges while doing confessionals.
-----Since when do Kobey or P.Diddy have a special connection to Hell's Kitchen?
-----I do not like Jame's attire this episode.
-----Time management.


kathi said...

I didn't really like the first few eps of Hell's Kitchen that I watched, but I have to admit that now it's one of the very few reality/competition shows that I'm hooked on!

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I like this and I liked MasterChef. Sometimes, I like Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice. :-)

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