Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hell's Kitchen...10 Chefs Compete

-----I wonder who came up with the idea to use the Lilliputian opening
-----Of course, I had heard of all the famous salads.
-----Salad Nicoise has done by Julia Child is one of my pet culinary peeves...her interpretation just does not seem palatable to me. I have been coming across other Salad Nicoise recipes that I am warming up to recently.
-----Gail's salad was impressive.
-----That is the first time I ever wondered if a couple of mice had gotten in and died on a plate.
-----There is a difference between an entree salad and other types of salad. I will be doing a salad from "Joy of Cooking" soon that I think will be almost an entree salad....I think there are some salads that are almost at entree but just don't make it to being that filling (even if they do include a protein).
-----The Getty Villa. Admission to the Getty Villa is free.
-----I would have found the "disgusting" lunch interesting...if everything had been washed well. Something I have been look at doing for a long time (except would likely be sugared).
-----I am getting more interested in Bon Appetit as of late. This week, we are making a Pomegranate Lemonade. I love the simplicity of the lemonade recipe and Husband has already sampled part of the combo using some already-opened club soda (he said it was GOOD).
-----I do agree that Gail is tough (when she is completely paying attention).
-----Scallops are clearly an issue this evening. I have not cooked scallops yet but intend to. I think I am generally good at getting fish, I am not too intimidated by the thought of scallops. What does intimidate me is trying to find fresh (read this as SAFE) product here....we never end up buying seafood anymore due to the (lack of) quality at our stores.
-----Another expensive mistake for Melissa. I would be DISAPPOINTED at the substitution.
-----I wish that Vinny were less in grumpy mode.

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