Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Apprentice.....Week 6

-----The "Babes on Bikes" location and premise struck me as not able to be that successful. I was surprised when business looked to pick up at lunch-time (but the law of numbers does help sometimes).
-----I admired Clint's stand and I liked the fact that he was backed up. I do like some of David's humor...but, in general, he would often be hard to work with.
-----I did not like that Kelly took advantage of the Dave-situation in the boardroom to say bad things about the men. Unless she had never observed Dave's behavior, I think that was a pretty low thing to do.
-----I agreed with Donald Trump that the losing team did not have a chance after their pick of location.
-----Donald's daughter made a good point about what the reaction of bosses would be to the pedi-cabs.
-----The men are dysfunctional....but the women are always angry and arguing with each other.
-----I like that suggestion...asking some pedi-cab drivers what would be a good location. The pedi-cab drivers might be worried about even a day's competition. Some pedi-cab drivers might see this as an opportunity to suggest locations they did not drive that their competition did (I do not know if there is any competition in the pedi-cab industry). Asking might be successful. One could Google pedi-cab locations and that should certainly give an answer.
-----I agreed that, on this task, the choice for elimination was so obvious.

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