Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Joy of Cooking.....

Tonight Husband and I made the first dish in our cook-through project: "Sautéed  Fruits" from the 1975 edition of "Joy of Cooking."

This recipe is listed on page 128 of our copy of the book-which is the one re-published in Sept. 1985. Of course it is us (read this as we like to try new things while trying new things) and it is Our Joy of, we modified the recipe a little to our ways.

The onion and fruits were both cooked in bacon drippings (we took the pieces out and snacked on these...don't worry it was not a lot of bacon). The grease was hot quickly which meant we had to be careful and act quickly when adding the onions. We turned off the flame while adding the apples in.

-----For paprika, we used Spanish Paprika. I have read that Spanish Paprika varies in taste, I think the  Tone's Spanish Paprika we used is dulce (sweet and mild).
-----The recipe says that you can also use white sugar but I think that the brown sugar was the right choice.
-----Instead of the single fruit options listed, we used both Johnathon apples (tart enough and well-flavored) and pineapple rings (which were diced with the spatula while cooking the fruit).  Even if we had just used apples, neither of us would have used 6 for this recipe as it really seemed to be too many. We used 4 apples and a can of pineapple.

To serve it "with a meat course," we chose to each have half of a Amana Thick Cut New York Strip steak. Splitting a steak this way for an entree is economical and keeps an excess of red meat out of our diet. We seasoned the steak with salt and pepper.
~~We cut away most of the fat before serving. There was a small amount of grizzle left that was easy to deal with. The steak was cooked for approximately 10 minutes in as little Canola oil as we could get away with.

The flavors were perfect together and the portion was absolutely perfect for two people. We have been enjoying experimenting with apples alongside meat lately. Husband says that the meat and apple dishes remind him of medieval cooking.
~~Smells were also lovely. I like the smell of one's clothing after cooking steak.

I definitely want to try some of the other sauteed fruit options for this recipe but only if done as a side dish (1/4 of a steak a piece and the other ingredient amounts reduced appropriately). Why a side dish for the other fruits?....we decided we like this dinner so much that we will always serve it the same way as this evening. We know when not to mar a good thing. :-)

The only change that I would make to the way we made this dish...having a glass of red wine with it. :-)

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