Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hell's Kitchen...11 Chefs Compete

-----I know that some people don't like it, but I love the Gulliver and the Lilliputians opening. I need to read that book again sometime soon. I want to read a little more about 18th-century society so I can appreciate the details of Johnathon Swift's satire better.
-----The young people were very nice to the chefs. I especially thought Rayona was very sweet. I can understand that the chefs had preconceptions about these children but I would have phrased it in a way that I was dreading the way things might go (not absolutely generalizing that the kids were going to be snotty). I was very disappointed to see that some of the chefs still insulted these young people even after they found that they did have some palate.
-----I cannot find a silver food dome on Amazon. It seems like they are mostly mesh or transparent any more.
-----I don't often see product names on this show but I did see a box of Barilla pasta.Of course, I have seen the Rosemount boxes in confessionals many times.
-----Why is it that generally the back of the house has no respect for the front of the house (and vice versa)? I enjoy both aspects.
-----Talking rudely (with cussing) to the kids themselves....TOTALLY unacceptable. This person has such a mix of good leadership and un-professionalism emerging.
-----I am not cheering for one person at all. He has shown a bit of attitude throughout but the snide remarks towards the kids was really offensive to me (surpassed only by the chef who had outright confrontation with no valid reason shown for why).
-----I have never seen a 6-year-old make crab cakes.
-----In my opinion, Melissa's mistake was....enormous. Unless there was some way of salvaging, that was a very EXPENSIVE mistake.
-----I love Nona's expressiveness though she does need to learn control of it at times.
-----Sabrina could go far in this contest...if she can become disciplined as far as restraining herself from outbursts. I guess we will see what happens. 
-----"I can't teach common sense. I'm not here for that."

I looked for (Post)Prom recipes and found this for Italian Sodas. I have not found Italian Sodas made at home to be at all successful for us in the past but I am trying a Vanilla Italian Soda with this recipe tomorrow.

Alton Brown's Funnel Cake recipe

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