Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In My Life....

-----Phone tag with the endocronologist is over. Now I need to get some past records sent....hopefully, the facility that did a sonogram on my neck a few years ago does not want to charge me for this. I have nodules in my throat that are measured every two years. I am hoping that these nodules have continued to shrink...I would guess that they have as a recent sonogram came back with only numerous small nodules (as opposed to two big lumps). The nodules (goiter) causes me pain and makes it hard for me to breath at times. The pain from goiter is not something that everyone who has goiter experiences. I am trying to avoid having my thyroid removed (which has been suggested based on the pain). Having one's thyroid removed can carry a greater risk for lupus.
-----I am starting a higher dose of thyroid medicine today. Hopefully that goes well....I once had problems with changes in thyroid medicine and I worry whenever doctors decide a change is necessary.
-----We tried this 12-Hour Salad recipe recently. It was excellent....but Husband will not be able to eat it again until we can get soy-free mayonnaise. I may start making mayonnaise as it can be hard to find with no soy in it. Whole Foods has a soy-free mayonnaise. I have never been to a Whole Foods before and we are planning to work one into a trip to one at some point. I get excited about going to grocery stores like Trader Joe's when on costs the same or less to do the shopping somewhere else.
-----A recipe that we made in the slow cooker (I still call it a crockpot) definitely got a 10/10....Corned Beef and Cabbage. 
-----Becoming a soy-free household will be best for us. Soy is not the best thing for my Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's Disease. More importantly, Husband has suddenly had an allergy to it. There are so MANY things that have soy in a lot of chocolate chip cookies. We are finding that the label-reading to be soy-free takes a lot of time.
-----A couple of nights ago we had Tuna Potato Chip Casserole. It was yummy....Husband gave it a 9/10. It seems to be missing something but we can't figure out what. I am considering trying a creamier cheese (we added a lot of shredded cheddar-jack before putting it in the oven). I found another recipe for this that calls for egg noodles and we will try this after I experiment with the cheese used. A mistaken communication actually cemented the idea of using cheese-Husband misheard me and put half the bag of potato chips in (so we mixed the ingredients together well and did not put any more chips on top). I am guessing that the mistake actually made the casserole better. I could very rarely tell that the chips were actually potato chips-it reminded me of a very light crust. I loved the shortcut of crushing the potato chips in the bag that Husband came up with. We needed crushed potato chips for another recipe coming the other half of the bag is ready.
-----Found out yesterday that I have to go out of town to get my suspicious mole removed. Not looking forward to such but it needs to be looked at (it gets irritated and looks a bit like what skin cancer does before it becomes dangerous). 
-----"Doggie's Sister" is so sweet. She seems to particularly like me. :-) 
-----I am now part of the SheSpeaks Book Club. I have been looking forward to this starting.
-----A close friend is getting married in the Fall and I have an idea of what we are going to wear. Husband and I have never matched our clothing to each other but I think this will look awesome. I love seeing Husband wear a suit.
-----I think I might make a minestrone today. If I were on Hell's Kitchen, homemade minestrone might be my Signature Dish.
-----I wear a lot of dark colors and I am excited that there is a really SIMPLE way to remove deodorant marks.
-----I am following Obama's efforts to secure peace in the Mideast. 

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