Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mutton Biryani
---I have never had mutton and it should be interesting trying to find it (ALL the stores here have stopped carrying lamb and I haven't seen it at the meat market either).
---The biryani masala paste will also be something I have to look around for. I do not know of an Indian store here and had no luck finding this product on Amazon. It is made by Priya and, if all else fails, I can try mixing up a bit of each of the ingredients (I am weird like that). The Priya site did not list where I can get, I will have to e-mail them asking for where it is distributed to and approximate U.S. cost.
---I have plenty of dania (coriander seeds).
---Believe it or not, plain yogurt is also hard to get here....that is ridiculous.
---In the United States, sultanas are Thompson Seedless Grapes.
---Though it is not often the case, I am wondering if "sultanas" here refers to raisins (golden raisins). "Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the cashew nuts and sultanas until they swell." I don't think grapes really, as I said, I am assuming this recipe is referring to raisins.

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