Monday, September 20, 2010

In My Life....

-----I had difficulty getting to sleep due to tense leg muscles and then woke up early. Growl.
-----Gloomy here for the second day in a row. Hearing tons of thunder...but no rain. Oh wait, it is pouring now.
-----After waiting the prescribed time to eat (thyroid medicine), I had a nice plate of strawberries to start my day. Driscoll's strawberries=yummy.
-----Husband is going to have the last of the Chicken Minestrone for lunch. We made this ourselves and it was excellent...something I really like to make. We followed our usual Easy Minestrone recipe. This time we added a can of chicken, a tablespoon of garlic and 1/4 head of cauliflower. We used 2 onions (instead of 1),a can of diced tomatoes (did not have fresh), Herbs de Provence and Oregano for the Italian Seasoning and rotini (instead of macaroni). This soup gets us through several meals. Next time, I will go back to my original the kidney beans myself tastes better.
-----Seeing a new endocrinologist this week. Hoping that they are a good fit for me.
-----Planning to make a banana cake tonight.
-----After almost a year of not doing well, my Christmas cacti are recovering. Husband has done a couple of cuttings of his cacti and those seem to be doing well.
-----Listened to "Tough as John Jacobs" by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster this morning. I haven't listened to that song in several months and had forgotten about it.


Crossed Fingers said...

mmmmm - that soups sounds yummy and now my stomach is growling! haha!



It was really yummy soup. I find it perfect for snacking on or lunch after the first night. We need a bigger stock pot but I don't think our oven burners are able to handle that.....I always panic that it won't all fit (but always does). I also panic that it doesn't like soup for a bit but that always changes. The color is beautiful. Until recently, I would say that this would be my signature dish but right now I am really expanding my repertoire so that could change.

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