Sunday, September 05, 2010

In My Life....

-----I made homemade guacamole for the first time in about four years. We were too full from having tacos last night to eat it....but Husband couldn't sleep in the AM hours and we snacked on it together with some left over. Husband said it was good...this is high praise as he detests store-bought guacamole. The way I made it is likely the way we will make guacamole most often now. I used a large cappucino cup and we shared from that....I used a spoon and Husband dipped his directly. It was a fairly thick dip so we had to be careful that chips did not repeatedly break. I used two avocados,three or four small shakes of the salt shaker,3 shakes of the powdered cilantro, one not-heaping tablespoon of minced garlic,the dregs of a Pace Picante jar, the dregs of Grandmother-in-Law"s homemade salsa (tomatoes cooked down, onions, and I don't know what else.....tastes slightly sweet)....mashed all of this together. We have two more avocados to make guacamole with and I will have to see if we can get more of Grandmother-in-Law's salsa. :-)
-----My brother always asks me what I would like for Christmas but usually gets me something else that he knows I really like (it's funny that way). This year when he asked (already), I mentioned to him that I would like a mortar and pestle. He says that he knows people who might know where to get a good set for me. I hope that this is what he decides to get me this year.  A mortar and pestle would make my guacamole taste even better....unless I put it in the blender it is a little chunky in places.
-----Yesterday I made Husband breakfast-in-bed and he said it was excellent. I sauteed an orange bell pepper until almost soft and then sauteed two sweet onions with it until they were almost soft. I added a tablespoon of minced garlic and some of the juice from it while sauteing the onions. I then added four medium red potatoes....which took a long time to cook as I wanted them to be perfect. I added another tablespoon of garlic and juices during the cooking process (just gently pouring it from the jar....I am generally good at guessing measurements). When the potatoes were done, I added a liberal quantity of real bacon bits. I thoroughly drained the oil. After plating, I added a handful of cheddar-jack cheese. Towards the end I made a pot of coffee and two slices of cinnamon toast (but with cinnamon maple seasoning). I enjoyed my portion of the skillet thoroughly. I did not have cheese as I cannot have calcium for four hours after taking my thyroid pill in the morning. Husband said that the cinnamon maple did not taste different but it was still good.
-----I survived using one of our very sharp knives for the first time. Usually we forbid me from using these knives....a very necessary forbidding. Due to my eye problems, I am REALLY clutzy with things like this. I am proud of myself. :-)  It was nice to have a knife that went through the peppers and onions so easy.
-----I have decided that the Scooby-Doo Chia Pet looks ridiculous.
-----I have become addicted to lying in our backyard and looking at the clouds. Someone told me that it was weird to lie on the grass or to almost fall asleep there (while Husband was working on something or other). I feel bad for that someone because they have not experienced one of life's little joys. Currently, what I love about lying in the backyard is that I see hawks swooping down and I saw the silhouette of a raven.
-----The other day Husband looked out the window and the sky was purple. One of my online friends told me that purple skies happen all the time where they live. I had never seen a purple was really neat.
-----I have started putting up Fall decorations and thinking about what we will do for Halloween. I need to figure out where we will have our annual Pumpkin of Sorrows toss this Halloween.
-----I have a higher dosage of thyroid medicine. It has made my stomach upset every day except one. Groan.

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