Monday, September 27, 2010

-----"My heart just fell out of my butt."
-----I don't think I have ever seen Ramsay react to a dish as much as he did the "weakest link." It sounded like it really made him physically ill. Not counting people who have given me food poisoning (2), I have experienced a dish that made me physically ill twice in my life-each time it was supposed to be something outstanding.
-----I wish that all of the signature dish names had been mentioned. I like to look for similar dishes. 

-----I have read that Antonia is alright. I have come across some things about migraines possibly being able to cause a lot of shaking....but haven't been able to confirm that yet. I have not had a migraine in a while (thankfully) but I do have some shaking at times with them.

-----I am thinking that I use more wasabi than most on my sushi. I have never been to one of the Japanese restaurants where the customer prepares the paste using a grater.

Wasabi paste recipe
The video did not mention that the paste will lose its flavor quickly...15 minutes.

-----I think that, even without culinary experience, most people would notice something a bit off about parsley being yellow.


Suzy said...

yikes, I never watch that show I cant stand gorgon ramsey!


That's funny....calling him Gorgon. What do you dislike about Gordon Ramsay....I am assuming the yelling,critiques and language used.

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