Saturday, August 21, 2010

-----I have read that Avis wants to have her own cooking show someday. It might be an interesting show if she keeps some of the old-fashioned elements in her cooking. At times I even like the old-fashioned plating...reminds me a bit of some of the retro cookbooks that I enjoy.
-----Joe Bastianich is a restaurateur and vineyard owner. I am curious to know if he does any cooking himself...apparently, he did work in his mother's restaurant in his youth (though I am not sure what he did there).
-----I am wondering the last name of the man named Chris who cooked the Beer Cheese Soup in the first episode. I did not like the color/texture of Chris' soup....but I would like to see if there is any more about his efforts to cook with beer mentioned online. My fave of the things Husband and I have cooked with beer so far is a tie between Beer Battered Cod and Chili.
-----I was impressed by the number of ingredients in the Pressure Test but disappointed not to be told what they all were. I could do with a little more care as to sanitation in the tasting (in this and other parts of the show)....not the best thing to taste something and leave the spoon that has been in your mouth hanging into the stockpot as not everyone sucks a spoon dry.
-----If I interpreted the preview for next week correctly.....that's an interesting twist!

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