Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cue the mechanical shark.....

"Where are all the other great shark movies?"

I did a search and found this list of other shark movies that are supposed to be great.....have you seen/enjoyed any of these?? Husband  has seen 7 of these movies and may have seen 3 others. Since most people I have encountered have not seen many "great shark movies" (other than Jaws).....I kiddingly asked Husband what is wrong with him.....he said that he watches Syfy and they put that stuff on there all the time.

-----Bruce the Mechanical Shark Facebook page.   Bruce was the name given to the mechanical shark(s) used for Jaws. Bruce was very problematic......  as definitely evidenced in this excerpt from "The Jaws Log."
A smaller/forgotten/AUTHENTIC Bruce was found recently. 

-----Tale of a Florida man who was rewarded (some) and disappointed by his fishing experience with Jaws.

A company that does mechanical-bull-type rides....including a mechanical shark. :-)

By the way:
Have you seen that great commercial where the guy is trying to quit smoking and is so concerned about that he doesn't notice a shark on his arm until the smoking-cessation product starts working? Humorous.

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