Friday, July 02, 2010

The CRIME of being so upset that you are a runaway.

When a child runs away is putting them in a juvenile detention facility really going to help the matter? I understand that she did not come forward with where she was hiding at....but one would think that running away would possibly have more dire consequences if a child put more effort into the attempt because he/she thought they were going to be charged with a crime. It would also seem that this child did not intend to be gone permanently. I would assume that counselors,etc. are going to talk through the upset.

I wish that more counseling efforts were taken before a child attempts to runaway.  A child does not need to always get their way....but their feelings do need to be taken into consideration. I have seen one runaway get retrieved by the state patrol.....that had to be scary....from what I could tell child did not want to live with the parent that they were being led off the Greyhound bus to go home to. I have seen other runaway issues, that I won't talk about here for the sake of those concerned, but the authorities simply allowed the child to go with whomever it was that they preferred to stay with.

I think sometimes the best answer is for a child to go stay with another relative....and have seen plenty of people do this.....even if it is for the child to just get a (secure and safe) getaway from whatever relationship or school problems.

"Little Trouble, Big Punishment: Detention for Runaways"  As this article states, surely a crisis center would be a more suitable place for runaways to be.

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