Thursday, July 08, 2010

USC....contributing to our future more than just on campus.

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 Until this evening, I had only vaguely heard of  the USC Rossier School of Education's MAT @USC. This is an online Master of Arts in Teaching program offered by the University of Southern California. I sent for program information on this as it might help Husband finish his teaching program someday.

USC is an elite research university. Their online teaching instruction is combined with field-based experiences...and I am curious to see how in-depth the field-based aspect goes. I would assume it is like other teaching programs where a student goes and helps at some school. I admire that fact that a school whose instruction is online could co-ordinate something like student teaching in many local areas.

Another aspect that I want to learn more about is their tuition reimbursement program...a lot of schools have these for teachers I am wondering what is meant by "groundbreaking" any case, it is a VERY GOOD thing that schools and our government are now doing this. I always feel that more needs to be done for the teachers who help bring up the next generation of our country's children.
-----The Master of Arts in Teaching students can also apply for scholarships. :-) 

Rossier School of Education and the MAT@USC were awarded by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) for innovative use of technology in education.There is a blog maintained by actual students in this perspective students can get an idea of what it is really like from those already going through the training. There is also a video that introduces the program and its interactive aspects.

-----Rossier School of Education has been ranked #22 in the United States by US News and World report....#9 among all private universities.
-----USC is, of course, internationally renowned. It has a 100-year history of educating teachers!
-----Online graduates are entitled to the same student benefits as those attending on campus, can attend the actual graduation ceremony and get free lifetime alumni membership.

The first class graduates in May!

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