Tuesday, July 13, 2010

True Blood is THE show to watch

This was written by guest blogger Lacey Ronin

If you have not tuned in to HBO lately, you probably don't know much about the hit show True Blood. It is based on a book series by Charlaine Harris and is set in a fictional southern town called Bon Temps. The show focuses on the life of a waitress named Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires that live in the area. Sookie's vampire boyfriend Bill Compton is another central character and the chemistry between these two is hot. I've heard they're even a couple in real life! True Blood is anything but typical and is certainly not Twilight. Even if you're not into vampire plot lines, the show does not disappoint. Creator Alan Ball does a great job at making sure the viewers never get bored. Not only is it a well-written and smart show, but it also leaves you wanting more each week. True Blood deals with themes such as death, love, the supernatural, family, drugs, and so much more. I tune into HBO via Virginia satalite tv each Sunday night to watch it live, but you can catch the show on-demand whenever you want. After a few episodes, I guarantee you'll be hooked.

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-----I think that the blog mentioning the work of Charlene Harris is extremely interesting so far....a book blog.

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