Saturday, July 03, 2010

I like looking through sites that feature coupon codes and deals. This is the only way I shop for things that I need to buy from a department store anymore....things I need but not in an urgent time frame (new underwear,etc). I go online and find a coupon code for whatever store (if it is a gift, usually JCPenney).....I often find a deal good enough to knock out all shipping and handling, a clearance sale on the item AND pay less for it than if I bought it on clearance in the store.  

Hunting through coupon codes takes a little effort but it is well worth it. If one coupon code does not work, you can often try another. features coupon codes from thousands of fave kind of coupon code site. :-) A lot of the coupons are for the online stores....but some listings are for deals and promos in the physical store locations. The site also has a bit of a social network element....readers can indicate when they like a deal and leave comments.

-----Amazon deals 
-----Jo-Ann's Fabric coupon. This lasts until the 14th and is good for 40% off one item. We were traveling for a doctor appointment the other day and stopped at a Jo-Ann's to look for items for a project....we ended up find larger glue sticks clearanced for 10 cents! Jo-Ann's has great clearances in store....look around closely inside one of these stores sometime.
-----Soda Stream. I eventually plan on getting one of these. I am very fond of Italian Cream Sodas.
-----Starbucks. Where I would have to go if I wanted an Italian Cream Soda without owning a Soda Stream. The last time I went to a Starbucks was for Tax Day....they had a great promo where you got a free cup of coffee if you brought in a refillable mug. :-)
Of course, I had to "like" Starbucks Store Coupons on Facebook. :-)
-----Ace Hardware

For me Dell  items are something I am always interested in finding coupon codes for. I am on my second Dell and every-once-in-a-while I have to replace something that is past its usable life....a battery,adapter,etc. A Dell promo code can certainly come in handy when an unexpected replacement is in order....and mine always seem to occur when I most need the computer.
---HP coupon 

I plan to go through this site more this week and make a reference list of all the stores featured that I might find myself shopping at. :-)

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