Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Introducing Your Child To The Internet The Right Way

Guest post written by Amanda Mcgovren

As an older mother I was a bit frightened when it came time to introduce my child to the computer. The main reason I was concerned was because I was new to satalite internet in stillwater ok and computers in general. I had heard some pretty terrifying stories about how children had been seduced by crazies on the internet who had done great harm to them. I was not looking forward to having to monitor such activity.

My daughter began using computers in Kindergarten and wanted to bring one into our home to learn more about their use. We agreed to do that but we were not about to hook it up to hughes internet satellite at that time. We made sure she had programs like Microsoft Word and games that would help her learn to use the options available and give her the chance to practice the keyboard.

Of course our resolve to avoid the internet vanished when we realized that we could not provide the information she needed to access with the books we had at home. We installed satellite internet service just for her and we have never been sorry that we did. With the training she has received at school and the easy access she has at home she has become a computer expert in just a few years.

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