Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bunch of Misc. :-)

-----Which (if any) of these unusual ice cream flavors would you eat? I would (maybe) try the squid ink ice cream.
-----These hotdogs are not very healthy. Some of them look yummy though. I am not a big hot dog fan unless they are cooked over an open flame or rotisserie. I don't think I would like the breakfast dog....sounds to greasy for me....my stomach usually starts turning in the middle of eating super-greasy food.
-----Starbucks items that are not on the menu.
-----Colored bacon. What do you think gives the color? Would you eat it?

-----Church rejects offer to rebuild Jesus statue....with a PETA message on it.
-----Statue made with 2,500 used Coca Cola crates. I think it looks dangerous at the top....not say that it is.
-----"World's first bald bear." I wonder if maybe this is not the world's first bald bear and if some of the unusual creatures spotted are bears or other animals that have something wrong physically.

-----Tourism is harming these popular travel spots.
-----Women will now be able to serve on submarines.


Sleepypete said...

I like my junk food (a little too much !) but some of those hotdogs would be better called DeathDogs ...


Yes, the one at the bottom looks particularly unhealthy. I eat very little junk food.Other than my thyroid, the doctor says that most patients WISH they had my numbers for test results. I guess that means I can try a DeathDog or two..... :-)


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