Sunday, June 06, 2010

-----A possible reason some overweight people don't go to the gym. I was reading this and realized that means there are also weight limits on some home fitness equipment. I wondered what the weight limits, I looked up "weight limits of popular exercise equipment."

This post would have been a much longer MISC. I often do. Then Blogger's ability to publish went down.....during my participation in a 30-Day Blog Challenge. :-(


Sleepypete said...

Yey - at just under 200lbs, I'm ok for all of those.

I still consider myself a little too heavy though, the ballast around my middle makes it a bit tougher for my legs to move me around.

It's curious though, some of the fitness fanatic and bodybuilder people must be close to making themselves too heavy for the machines they use to get that way.


I never thought of that...bodybuilders and so on being too heavy. Perhaps, some have equipment built for them.

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