Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Currently I am keeping the following in my thoughts & prayers:

As far as I know, the stepdaughter and one son are doing better medically. So sad to lose a father and son/brother the day before Father's Day.

-----An 11-year-old  in critical condition. He suffered head trauma after a car fell on  him. This occured Friday (6/18)....I have not found anything new on  this.
-----"Mama Bear" who is pregnant. This is her first biological child.
-----Three issues in my life right now. Husband was talking to some friends of ours yesterday and all 13 people who happened to be there started praying about it.....amazing and I am grateful for this.
-----4 people died when the van they were in was hit by an Amtrak train.
-----A new friend of ours is having some financial trouble.
-----Will Joran van der Sloot really give details on the Holloway case if he is sent to Aruba???
-----Audra Brownell. A 17-year-old who died after being hit by a falling rock in Colorado.
-----Demarco Harris. A 13-year-old who was found guilty of murder. I hope that he is able to turn his (young) life around. Demarco's case will be evaluated again when he turns 21. Demarco will stay in my thoughts and prayers until he turns 21. More details of the sentencing.
-----The children of a mother who was stabbed to death with a sword at a party. This occured in front of her children.
-----@HomelessThomOC He has recently found a place to live and job (for now). I am praying that things continue to go well for James (his real name). Thom is a businessman who became homeless and was living in hotels via travel rewards. After the rewards ran out, Thom spent 5 months living out of his leased car!
-----That Madeleine McCann is found soon.
-----A postal worker was killed in an apparent dog attack.
-----"The Hikers" who have been detained in Iran for over 300 days now. I was one of many who had a Freedom Day. Is there anything you can do to call attention to this plight?
-----Several family members (including my Mother) have diabetes. My Mother also has Stage 4 Breast Cancer and possibly some risk for another heart attack.
-----Fully Sick Rapper....at least he is trying to make himself and others smile.


Note: This post is in no particular order. Prayer/thought requests just go to the top as I hear more about what is going on. If you can think of a way to help these people, PLEASE do so. This post will be second-from-the-top during the midst of an emergency (such as an Amber Alert).
Note: I would not advise linking to this post...you will wind up with a broken link each time I have to change the post-dating to keep this a Vigil at the Top.


Annie said...

Terrible tragedy. So much to pray for.


Yes. I try to keep up with some of the stories. There is so much that happens in the world that I think very few people realize or try to tune out. Maybe someone can help some of these people....even if just with a hug.


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